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Wayne fruit stand alleged to be front for drug deals

Posted July 25, 2012

— A Wayne County fruit stand was a front for a father and son to illegally deal prescription drugs, authorities said Wednesday.

Larry Wayne Lane, 59, of 211 Beaver Drive in Dudley, was charged with conspiracy to traffic in opiates, two counts of trafficking in opiates and four counts of maintaining a dwelling for the sale of narcotics. He was being held in the Wayne County jail under a $731,000 bond.

Jerry Thomas Lane, 31, of 165 Raynor Mill Road in Mount Olive, was charged with nine counts of trafficking in opiates, one count of selling or delivering controlled substances and four counts of maintaining a dwelling for the sale of narcotics. He was being held under a $1.35 million bond.

After receiving a tip about drug deals occurring at Larry’s Fruit Stand, on U.S. Highway 117 South, undercover state and local investigators conducted several drug buys at the stand, authorities said.


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  • scottward22 Jul 27, 2012

    Yes buddy we're related and he is on of the nixes guys I no, might have made a couple bad decisions but who don't an yepp I have ate a a few pills every has if you go to the doctor for pain that's what they give you, an there's a pain clinic in every state just giving the stuff to junkys yet my friend is sitting in jail over the stuff

  • Yeppppppp Jul 27, 2012

    Ha, nobody said I snitched, I just heard that someone reported it to crime stoppers...dont assume

  • scottward22 Jul 27, 2012

    You no what they say about snitchs ( =

  • upstanding citizen Jul 27, 2012

    if you look at this jerry guys track record on nc doc, this is a 3rd strike, thats why the bail is so high. if you cant do the time, dont do the crime!

  • scottward22 Jul 26, 2012

    This whole situation is blown out of paportion they haven't done anything that anyone else hasn't done its a pain pill ppl some ppl hurt an need them doctors don't care about ppl that don't have insurance if anything they were helping ppl out iv seen murder cases that had lower bonds than Jerry whys that? They didn't take anyone's life just sold a pill it's really a honest business just someone had it out for Jerry the law needs to focus on the bad crimes instead of waist the tax payers money on petty crimes really its bad that ppl are getting away with murder an the waist all there resources on a couple pain pill im not gonna lie I take the time to time guess they need to aresst me too an let the big crimes go unheard of

  • barneybobo Jul 25, 2012

    I'm addicted to their melons....now I know why.

  • muggs Jul 25, 2012

    sctech, They knew the law, be it fair or not it is the law.

  • muggs Jul 25, 2012

    Was this from a start up business loan from Obama, these drug addicts go to pain clinics using medicaid, get drugs for next to nothing and then sell them, everyone knows this, whats so difficult to stop, if they are in need have them come to the office be monitored taking their prescription, just do not give them so many to sell, if they are in real need they will come.

  • sctech Jul 25, 2012

    Just FYI for people that do not know. Pain pills fall under the heroin / opiate statute in NCGS Chapter 90. 4 grams is considered 'trafficking in opiates.' 4 grams can be had from at little at 6 pain pills. The crime does not warrant a bond that high.

  • puzzled Jul 25, 2012

    I am 100 percent against drug abuse of any kind and think people who abuse or sell should be caught and appropriately punished. $731,000 Bond and murderers bonds are told on here frequently $100,00 and/or higher. Bonds and punishment are distributed fairly/equally to fit the crime. Yes, there is potential here for deaths from these drugs, but it a death that someone chooses. I see people misusing prescription drugs much more than I care to see. I have seen people become totally disabled because they are drugged down with prescription medication. They can lay off a day or so and go back to the doctor for the refill and look fine but can hardly wait until they get that prescription filled so the cycle can start again. I resent paying taxex for them to get disability checks for this self induced disability. A lot said in order to say make the punishment fit the crime and don't use and incident to send a message. The messages don't work for everyone.