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Wayne County woman suffers 'drastic' injuries after dog attack

Posted June 25, 2014
Updated June 26, 2014

— A 71-year-old woman watering plants outside her home was seriously injured after being attacked by four dogs Wednesday morning, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office said.

Authorities received a 911 call around 6:45 a.m. from someone reporting that an animal or object was under attack on Country Run Lane near Goldsboro. It took a second 911 call for authorities to determine the animals were attacking Mildred Game.

Animal control officers, sheriff’s deputies and emergency crews responded to Game’s home, where a deputy shot one of the animals – which a Wayne County spokeswoman described as being pit bulls – after it charged at him, Maj. Tom Effler said.

The three other dogs were impounded, Effler said.

Game’s pit bull, Diamond, which tried to protect her, also suffered injuries and had to be euthanized, her son, Bobby Game said.

Mildred Game was being treated Wednesday evening at Vidant Medical Center in Greenville.

Bobby Game described his mother's wounds as “drastic.”

"The puncture wounds and gashes are way into the hundreds," he said, adding that his mother was attacked from behind.

Six chunks of flesh were missing from her body, and he said his mother suffered teeth marks all over her arms and legs.

"It makes me ill that they can't control their dogs or train their dogs the right way," Bobby Game said.

The dogs’ owner, Terry Butler, lives next door to Mildred Game and said he was shocked to hear what his dogs did.

“I just want to tell Mrs. Mildred that I am sorry for what happened, and whatever I can do to make it right – I mean, there is nothing I can do,” Butler said.

Neighbors say they have been concerned about Butler's dogs, and one said they thought it was just a matter of time before someone was hurt.

"I guess he attempts to keep them penned up, but they come out of the gate anytime they want to, they act vicious," said neighbor William Johnson, who also said one of his dogs was killed by Butler's dogs.

Butler said he doesn't know why his dogs attacked Mildred Game.

"My dogs are puppies, I can't say what caused the attack, what made the dogs become like they became," he said. "None of my dogs are vicious."

Authorities say the case is under investigation and could not say if charges will be filed.

For now, Bobby Game is worried about his mother's health - and the cost of her recovery.

"She is not a wealthy woman that can pay for what she is fixing to have," he said. "And (the medical bills) are stacking up. They are stacking up as we talk."


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  • churchgal Jul 2, 2014

    Interesting how the neighbors pit bulls were taken from him. Can you believe he has gotten more pit bulls in his back yard since then. Unbelievable!!!

  • lprop Jun 27, 2014

    This story continues to play out all across the state and neighborhoods. Just happens to be an elderly person this time. Most of the time it is a child. Then you hear some one say ."It was just a matter of time". This will happen again, we just don't known when, who and where.

  • Billy the Kid Jun 26, 2014

    She was injured AFTER the attack? If so, by what?

  • kbrown156 Jun 26, 2014

    Just curious, was this statement in the article missed? The woman that was injured owned a "pit bull which tried to protect her, suffered severe injuries, and had to be euthanized."

  • zonk Jun 26, 2014

    That's a darn shame that someone has to have dogs that violent !!

  • jmcdow2792 Jun 26, 2014

    Dog "breeds" were developed by man and not by nature. A "breed" of dogs is just like a hybrid plant. If a corn hybrid has an undesirable trait it is not continued to be bred by man and is allowed to terminate. Dogs should be handled the same way. Breeding of dangerous dogs should not happen unless it is strictly controlled. This is a people problem.

  • 68_dodge_polara Jun 26, 2014

    and just to add to that I adopted a German Shepard 13 years ago from the Chapel Hill pound. I'm well aware of the dangers he could have posed if left to run the neighborhood especially if he got to running with other dogs. Now at 14 he poses a threat to nothing except to a clean carpet. At the time of the adoption I even had to sign an special acknowledgment based upon the breed I was adopting. I love that dog but I also think it would have been terribly irresponsible to deny what he was bred for and not take the proper precautions to prevent him from harming other animals or even possibly a person.

  • passport Jun 26, 2014

    Poor woman! My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.

  • outdoor592000 Jun 26, 2014

    You are absolutely correct 68_Dodge!!

  • nc_climber Jun 26, 2014

    This guy needs to do more than "take responsibility", as that's not going to ever undo the harm. He needs to pay a serious price, both financially and in jail time, as a deterrent to careless dog owners. From the comments of his neighbors, it sounds like this was predictable.