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Water service restored after pipe break in Holly Springs

Posted August 19, 2008

— An estimated 135 houses in the Braxton Village subdivision were without water Tuesday morning after a water line break near the intersection of Texanna Way and Holly Meadow Drive.

Town crews pinpointed the location of the break late Tuesday morning and had it repaired by 2 p.m., when service was restored to the affected homes, officials said.

The cause of the line break hadn't been determined by Tuesday afternoon.

Officials delivered bottled water to affected homes Tuesday morning.


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  • Banker Mommy Aug 19, 2008

    And Rational,
    Great response to Tired :)! Darn government is responsible for everything, eh?

  • Banker Mommy Aug 19, 2008

    And Rational,
    Great response to Tired :).

  • NCSUPackfan Aug 19, 2008

    The number of houses keeps going up every time I see the headline; are they not working on it?

  • Banker Mommy Aug 19, 2008

    Really Rational? Had to detour through her neighborhood? Wow, what an inconvenience that must have been.
    I live in Braxton Village on one side of the break and my babysitter is on the other. I had to detour ALL the way around, and I think it added one minute to my commute.

    Kristen, I totally agree! This article is an example of a town taking the pro-active approach, and I think its GREAT! Give me that over Cary anyday.

  • Kristen_-_RN Aug 19, 2008

    Pipes break. It happens. As mentioned, it happened just yesterday in Apex.

    Do other towns provide bottled water to the homes that are impacted?

    Do they contact the media to make sure residents knew of the issue and the estimated timeline?

    This news story is a result of the town taking the initiative to contact the media... not because the media felt that this news story was "breaking news!"

    My thanks to the town employees and as always to the Holly Springs Police. I personally think they're fantastic.

  • HopingForABetterWorld Aug 19, 2008

    Holly Springs should install large signs to inform its citizens about the traffic changes caused by this break. My colleague had to detour through her neighborhood this morning.

  • WakeCoNative Aug 19, 2008

    "Officials were delivering bottled water to affected homes."

    This is why Holly Springs is a jewel in Wake County. Holly Springs has retained that small town hospitality.

  • 33rock33 Aug 19, 2008

    why buy in cary, I can get twice the house and land in holly springs for what it costs in cary...of course i would like to see the town spend a little on getting these water issues fixed...it was not fun this morning with no shower....

  • bs101fly Aug 19, 2008

    should've bought in Cary!

  • slugolicious Aug 19, 2008

    nandud: That's because you had a chemical fire and had your share of news time. Holly Springs has to work harder for its share of the news. Breaking a water line only got a couple of paragraphs. The newly proposed hospital got a little more air time. At least they got creative and had a cop print fake money.