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Water Features Add Charm to Your House and Garden

Posted January 16, 2015

1. Rustic Backyard Pond with Watering Can

A gorgeous water feature installation completes the picture of Jamie D's charming rural home. Powered by a pond pump, water filters into the spacious pond through a galvanized watering can for a uniquely rustic effect.

2. Pond in a Box

If you're not blessed with a big backyard or are not able to dig on your property, try the Empress of Dirt's ingenious pond in a box. That's right -- container ponds are the natural successors to container gardens. Add some bright flowers for a splash of color.

3. Bubbling Rock Water Feature

Kid-friendly pondless water features are safe and low-maintenance. Theresa Farrell Hathaway drilled natural rocks with a masonry bit and threaded them with flexible tubing to create this simple and inexpensive fountain with an authentic bubbling sound.

4. DIY Clacking Bamboo Pond Embellishment

Another soft-sounding water feature is this Zen-inspired garden decoration. The clacking bamboo is delightful to us humans, but is rumored to be an effective deer deterrent. The Garden Frog Boutique cut and dried her own bamboo to add to an existing pond on her land.  

5. Rain Waterfall from a Storage Bin

Would you like to fill your outdoor space with the soothing sound of summer rain without the upkeep of a pond? Try Cheryl Thornton's cool idea -- fit a repurposed wooden storage bin with a "sprinkler system" of copper water manifolds. More recycling: the water is continuously reused.

6. Vintage Washer Turned Water Feature

Here's a delightfully different water feature to install in your yard. Looking for a way to hide a vacant concrete air conditioner pad, Chaotically Creative Co. had quite a time finding this vintage wringer washer. You'll have to agree, though, that the whimsical result is worth it.

7. A Deck Water Feature/Planter

It all started with a lovely Goodwill find. Mary B decided to install this fountain in a planter to create a decor focus for her deck. Bonus: It's a snap to move the fountain to a different plant pot when you're in the mood to change up your look!

8. DIY Patio Water Wall

Two panes of tempered glass and a DIY wooden frame (stained to match flower painters) form the basis of this strikingly original water wall by the Interior Frugalista. Great things are in store for this patio water feature; plans are afoot to illuminate the "waterfall" at night.

9. Living Room Water Feature with Fiber Optic Lighting

For a spectacular touch of glam, Clarence N designed an indoor water feature that takes pride of place in his living room. The fountain streams down a structure of fiber optic strands, which change the water eight different colors as it falls.

10. Faux Water Fountain

Ease of care combines with water conservation in Deb B's clever faux water feature. A sparkling waterfall of crystal beads seems to pour out of a garden hose held by an industrious tin can man. Full marks for ingenuity, eco-friendliness, and cute appeal!

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