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Warren Deputies Investigate Attack on Woman, 80

Posted July 8, 2007

— Sheriff's deputies Sunday were looking for a suspect in the rape and robbery of an 80-year-old woman.

Warren County Sheriff Johnny Williams said the man attacked the woman at her home on U.S. 401 South after passing her a note through her door and then forcing his way into the house late Saturday afternoon.

The victim had injuries indicating she was raped, but did not sustain other injuries, officials said.

She was unable to give deputies a description of her attacker, but officials said they wanted to talk to a black man of medium build who neighbors saw operating a light-colored sedan, possibly a mid-90s Honda, near the victim's house at the time of the attack.


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  • dougalu Jul 9, 2007

    are we sure it was a black male ? nah, we just want to talk to the one who was around her house, ok?

  • Maysmom Jul 8, 2007

    Totally sick..........my heart goes out to the eighty year old woman who had to endure this. I hope they catch the _ _ _ _ _ _ who did this and FRY him....

  • raleigh rebel Jul 8, 2007

    A chopping block and dull meat cleaver would change this idiot to what he really is-animal of the lowest kind-

  • Steve Crisp Jul 8, 2007

    To strolling bones:

    Yes, that is the standard line of all Women's Centers across the nation. And it is spouted, in part, to relieve that victim of the social stigma attendant with a forcible act of sex. But rape is not a crime of power. It is an act of violence that uses sex as a weapon. There are many other, and safer, ways for criminals to exercise their power over others: beating, torture, execution to name a few. Rape directly exposes the most vunerable part of a man to kicking, squeezing, biting and other direct attacks by the female.

    That sounds like an awful risky way to exercise power, does it not?

    The whole power thing arose to tie in rape as a corrolary to sexual harassment, attempting to elevating harassment to the equivency of rape.

    Rape is a crime of sexual opportunity, sadistic tendencies by the perp, and sexual self-inadequacy. It can also be an act of revenge by someone who has been sexually slighted in his past.

    But it is not power alone that motivates rapists.

  • SpunkyGrits The One and Only Jul 8, 2007

    I think that this sicko's theme song should become "Chestnuts roasting on a open fire...."

  • strolling bones Jul 8, 2007

    Stop looking at rape as a sexual crime and calling for castration etc...its a crime of power...

  • joey2 Jul 8, 2007

    Cut him and let him bleed out

  • none123 Jul 8, 2007

    When I think of an 80 year old woman I think of my grandmother who passed away years ago. I think about how nice she was to everyone and what she had seen over the years of her life. I couldn't ever imagine hurting her or anyone else that was as frail and sweet as she was. It sickens me that we live in a society that would capture this thug only to put him in a prison for the rest of his life with the possibility to get out one day after he "repays his debt to society." This type of violent crime deserves nothing less than death. We as a society allow these crimes to continue to occur by our weak judicial system. We have to make examples of thugs like this and send a meesage of fear to them. Sometimes you have to act like an animal around other animals.

  • Jokers Wild Jul 8, 2007

    Lmao @ cryinshame - Good One!
    I think anyone that has to rape someone is very disturbed, but why, and I do mean WHY on earth would anyone want to rape a 80 Yr. Old woman??? If you are going to commit the crime, i believe they had every intent on doing going through with the rape, not like "Whoops, i accidentally raped her when i caught her home" Everyone Get's justice in the End, much like the thug that got hit by a train! What goes around, comes around, and you better believe that.

  • cryinshame Jul 8, 2007

    you dont think it was a black female, do you mercer ?