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Warrants: Wake woman got $1M insurance policy on husband in alleged murder plot

Posted November 16, 2015

Steven Donald Franklin and Tammy Franklin

— A Wake County woman charged with conspiring with her son to kill her husband last month took out a $1 million life insurance policy on him a few months ago, according to search warrants released Monday.

Tammy Franklin, 45, and Steven Donald Franklin, 23, both of 6825 Greywalls Lane, were charged last week with felony conspiracy. Steven Franklin also is charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, while Tammy Franklin is charged with intimidating a state's witness, communicating threats and accessory after the fact of a felony.

Sheriff Donnie Harrison said Steven Franklin attacked his father, Donald Webster Franklin, with a 4-inch paring knife in the Greywalls Lane home on Oct. 31. Donald Franklin escaped with only cuts on one hand.

Donald Franklin told deputies that his son first tried to push him down a flight of stairs, where a "spiked rake" had been placed at the bottom, according to the warrants. When Donald Franklin was able to break his fall, his son yelled, "You won't get away from me this time," and ran at him with the paring knife, the warrants state.

Investigators later determined that Tammy Franklin had obtained the life insurance policy on her husband in May, and the policy took effect on Aug. 1. According to the warrants, she lied to investigators, saying both she and her husband obtained the extra life insurance in March.

Tammy Franklin also admitted to investigators that she had diverted her husband's paycheck into a bank account she controlled, and she couldn't explain two earlier instances where Donald Franklin said he thought his son was trying to kill him, according to the warrants.

On one occasion, as Donald Franklin was about to leave for work, Steven Franklin walked up behind him with a leather belt "looped like a noose," but Tammy Franklin told their son, "Not now, Stephen. Let's take him to work," the warrant states. On another occasion, Stephen Franklin rushed his father as if trying to attack him when his mother told him, "Not now, Stephen. Not yet," the warrant states.

After the Oct. 31 assault, authorities said, Tammy Franklin instructed her son to hide out at her parents' home in Haywood County, and she also threatened to kill her husband if he didn't drop the assault charge against Stephen Franklin.

Investigators searched the family's home, seizing documents, computers, cellphones, a safe and other items. They also searched a Cadillac Escalade, a Chevrolet Camaro, and iPad and two iPhones for evidence. According to the search warrant, Tammy Franklin tried to wipe information from her iPhone remotely before investigators could examine it.

Family members claim Donald Franklin abused them for years and that he concocted the Oct. 31 assault as a way to get even with his wife, who has separated from him.

Stephen Franklin and Tammy Franklin remain in the Wake County jail under $1 million bonds.


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  • Julie Justiceain Dec 21, 2015
    user avatar

    Lak Dinesh Kishen Kalra (He sometimes goes by the first name "Nash") and Alejandra Blanca Castro moved from Palm Beach a couple of years ago, we knew they might create trouble when they relocated to N.C.. Both Dinesh Kalra and wife Blanca Kalra were likely responsible for planting a comparable news story in Raleigh, with fairy tale charges of intimidating witness, communicating threats, ethnic intimidation and more. Another failed attempt to allege the "race card" with Mr. Kalra's heritage from India, and Mrs. Blanca Castro of South American descent? Their accusations were unfounded and all of their allegations made to the police were dismissed. Insecure with themselves? We can only imagine what it must feel like to live in that Raleigh neighborhood Harrington Groves where Kalra and Castro now inhabit. On a dead-end street as one article mentioned, the nearby residents must be constantly on pins and needles, looking over their shoulders, and wondering if they are next !

  • Julie Justiceain Dec 13, 2015
    user avatar

    This account rings a very familiar tone with another duo. Just remember, innocent until proven guilty.

    When the couple Lak Dinesh Kishen Kalra (He sometimes goes by the first name "Nash") and Alejandra Blanca Castro moved from Palm Beach in our beloved Florida Sunshine State a couple of years ago, we somehow knew they might bring or create trouble when they moved to North Carolina in late 2012; first to a city named Cary, and then about a year later to Raleigh.

    Both Dinesh Kalra and Blanca Castro Kalra were likely responsible for planting a comparable news article in Raleigh, with similar fairy tale charges.

    Dinesh Kishen Kalra resided in Palm Beach, Florida, and worked for Weiss Research; his wife, Alejandra Blanca Castro, for PNC Bank. With both being home-bodies, they had too much time on their hands creating havoc for people around them no matter where they were. We can only wonder what their employers must think!

    Was this another failed attempt to allege the "race ca

  • Janni Cone Nov 17, 2015
    user avatar

    Still messed up. And yes- I would have expected better. Divorce, murder, TALKING about it, and a million in life insurance. Sure - they are innocent. Overall, that is the good thing about criminals - they are not that bright.

  • Thomas Fenske Nov 16, 2015
    user avatar

    Yeah, they (the police) never think of the old life insurance angle.

    Don't people ever watch Dateline or 48 Hours?

  • Mike Hill Nov 16, 2015
    user avatar

    Well, someone has never obviously watched the LIFETIME channel. The 1st thing LE does is look at the spouse and look for recent life insurance transactions. DUH!

  • Fred Kozlof Nov 16, 2015
    user avatar

    I can see this becoming a TV show, but I can't decide if it's an episode of "How NOT to get away with murder", or "Dumb and Dumber"

  • Kerry Harpe Nov 16, 2015
    user avatar

    Daughter, Savannah Franklin, 19, said "her mother and brother didn't do anything wrong and that her father concocted the stabbing story because he and her mother are separating". Now that is down right decent of him to take out a million dollar life insurance policy on himself - You know, just in case something happens.

  • Sara Hauser Nov 16, 2015
    user avatar

    guess this kind of pokes a few holes in the daughter's story

  • Martha Matthews Nov 16, 2015
    user avatar

    Now those are two mugs I'd hate to come home to!