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Warrants: Suspect used pen, key in Raleigh robberies

Posted September 4, 2011
Updated September 5, 2011

— A Raleigh man who faces two charges of armed robbery threatened his victims with an ink pen and keys, according to arrest warrants.

Wayne Eric Daniel told two women that he would stick the pen and keys in their throats, then stole their purses, credit cards and cash, the warrants state. The robberies happened in August.

Daniel, 33, of 3039 Lake Boone Trail, was arrested Friday and placed in the Wake County jail under a $400,000 bond.

He was released from prison in May after serving 13 months for two counts of common-law robbery, according to state Department of Correction records. He is also serving three years' probation for an additional three counts of common-law robbery.


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  • yoshesmom Sep 14, 2011

    You People are all judgemental. He has been ACCUSED, not found guilty of these crimes. The neighbor saying that Wayne and Girlfriend were laughing??? You are such a.liar!!! They don't know you, NEVER spoke with you, and you speak about something you made up in your head. I will keep an eye on this story, because I NOTICE WRAL does not print stories of those who are not found to be the accused. A Pen???? Keys??? Because of his other mitigating factors in this case, he is UNABLE TO WORK, BUT IS A MASTER PLUMBER BY TRADE, AS WELL AS DOING GENERAL CONTRACTING WORK. Because of factors that causes him to make poor life choices, NO ONE WILL HIRE HIM. You need to know the whole story before you judge. Let's see the news print WHY HE IS THE WAY HE.IS.....LET'S SEE SOMEONE GIVE HIM A HAND UP, INSTEAD BURYING A PERSON WHO IS ALREADY DOWN AND OUT. YOU PEOPLE GOT YOUR BOOTS DIRTY KICKING HIM WHILE HE'S FALLEN, AND CAN'T GET UP!!! PRAY FOR HIM, HE NEEDS ALL HE CAN GET. God Bless you all.

  • tonyasnow Sep 5, 2011

    Sad thing is I live by this guy and his girlfriend and they were telling me a few weeks ago that probation had a warrant out for him that he got his attorney to get Judge Hudson to cancel. They were laughing about it! Maybe if probation had been able to arrest him there wouldn't be any victims. Its a sad day when the courts work for the criminal and not the victims! Glad he is out of our development for the time being...

  • Of mice and men Sep 5, 2011

    trying to prove the pen is mighter than the sword??

  • workingforthosethatwont Sep 5, 2011

    he would rather steal what belongs to you than work for his own. like a rabid dog.

  • bywnda Sep 5, 2011

    Umm prison mentality. Prey on the weak. Homemade weapons.
    Sad thing is I bet he gets a slap on the wrist!

  • TStills Sep 5, 2011

    Stay classy, Wayne. Guess its easier to stick pens in women's throats than it is to work for a living.