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Warrants: Second home, tree house searched in Duke rape investigation

Posted April 6, 2015

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— An investigation into an alleged rape at a Duke University fraternity party has expanded to a second house and a tree house, according to three search warrants released Monday.

Police last Thursday seized a comforter, a condom and wrapper, a tank top, two posters, a laptop, a wireless data storage device digital data from 2503 Chapel Hill Road in Durham, warrants state.

An affidavit from investigators used to obtain two of the warrants states that a woman who had reported being sexually assaulted said she remembered being taken next door by an Alpha Delta Phi fraternity member during a Jan. 8 party at 2505 Chapel Hill Road.

Authorities were at 2505 Chapel Hill Road in January to investigate the alleged assault. That house is leased by Alpha Delta Phi members, but both homes are owned by the same person, according to property records.

Police also seized a sweater, four buttons, a pearl earring, a condom wrapper, a bear can, a cigarette butt, two plastic cups, two bean bag covers and a section of carpet from a tree house on property behind the two Chapel Hill Road houses during a Jan. 22 search, according to a third search warrant released Monday.

The affidavit police submitted to search the tree house states that a fraternity member told an investigator that he had gone to the tree house with the woman the night of the party but couldn't recall what happened when they were there because he was drunk.

The female Duke student told police she had a mixed drink at the fraternity party and later drank what she thought was hot chocolate. She also told police she refused a fraternity member when he allegedly led her to his upstairs room prior to her second drink, and the last thing she remembers clearly was dancing with friends.

According to two of Monday's search warrants, she told police she had vague recollections of being led next door, seeing people sitting in a living room and going into a bedroom with a poster of rapper Drake on the wall. She remembers telling a fraternity member, "Let's go back to the party," but doesn't remember walking back, the warrants state.

When she awoke the next afternoon, the woman told police that the leggings she had been wearing were on the floor next to the bed and they appeared to be torn.

The fraternity remains suspended pending the outcome of the investigation, but no arrests have been made in the case.


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  • Quin Satterthwaite Apr 7, 2015
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    The most straight forward explanation is probably correct.

    College students pour heavy drinks (especially during an ice storm) and young girls have a low tolerance for alcohol. Thats what the study in the British Journal of Criminology said.

    Maybe there were roofies involved but it seems wildly unlikely.

  • Kristin Byrne Apr 7, 2015
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    I think we need to take those types of studies with a grain of salt. A quick search brought up a number of studies that contradicted those results.

    I have a feeling the truth lies somewhere in between.

  • Quin Satterthwaite Apr 7, 2015
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    We dont know that intercourse took place. It sounds like all the girl knows is her leggings were off.

    As far as the other party goers... what do they know? The girl had a drink and then went away with some guy?

  • Chase Truman Apr 7, 2015
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    It doesn't matter if this girl or any other woman has been "drugged". If they don't remember consenting to sex, and it is proven that intercourse did take place, then it's still rape. PERIOD. Just because a woman might be wrong about being drugged doesn't make the sex OK. If they weren't drugged and they blacked out from being drunk, then clearly they didn't have the capacity to agree to having sex anyway.

  • Quin Satterthwaite Apr 7, 2015
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    "Widespread spiking of drinks with date-rape drugs such as Rohypnol and GHB is an "urban legend" fuelled by young women unwilling to accept they have simply consumed too much alcohol, academics believe."At the bottom of that article they reference another study from Australia that essentially found the same thing. Of the people admitted to the hospital claiming to be drugged, 0% actually were.

  • Kristin Byrne Apr 7, 2015
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    Please quote your source for these studies. I'm curious. One of the hardest things about date rape drugs is that by the time someone realizes they may have ingested a drug, it is no longer in their system. GHB, the most popular date rape drug, is usually metabolized within 12 hours, while rohypnol may be detectable for up to 60 hours, but best results are in 24 hours. Rohypnol is illegal in the US, so it is harder obtain. Neither drug is tested for in a normal tox screen, so it's not surprising that they could be missed the first time around.

  • Quin Satterthwaite Apr 7, 2015
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    "As for the suspension of the entire fraternity, it's a good call - for now. Admit it, the facts are that most if not all knew what was or did know what was going on at that party."What was "going on"? We dont know.
    Studies have shown that women who think that they have been "roofied", when they are examined at ERs- almost never are. So I am not buying that she was drugged.

    So what do people at the party "know was going on"? That the girl was there and she had a mixed drink.

  • Fred Garner Apr 7, 2015
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    It is NOT unusual for LE0's to execute multiple search warrants days, weeks, and yes even months after the initial complaint of a crime, especially for a sexual assault case.

    As I said before, patience for the LEO's to do their job is paramount. And truthfully, they don't really care what anyone thinks on a blog. And unless you were there at the scene, which I would counsel against admitting, then there is no basis for us trying to solve the crime.

    As for the suspension of the entire fraternity, it's a good call - for now. Admit it, the facts are that most if not all knew what was or did know what was going on at that party. And if they knew before, during or after then those frat boys should be charged too.

  • Kevin Patrick Apr 7, 2015
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    Whats a BEAR can?

  • Quin Satterthwaite Apr 6, 2015
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    Only a couple of hours later and the UVA hoax, and the abject humiliation of the entire journalistic profession, is down the memory hole and the media is onto the lurid accusations against a Duke tree house.

    And dont forget the discover of the damning " a wireless data storage device digital data".

    Back at it only a couple of hours later.

    Until the human species develops anti-bodies against the "news" media we are in trouble.