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Warrants: Cary police catch man in online sex talk

Posted September 22, 2009

— Search warrants released Tuesday in a Cary child porn case outline how police identified and lured a suspect from Durham into a sting operation.

A search of the computer of Joseph Azada, of 4709 Hoppers Drive in Durham, showed someone used the computer to communicate  online from April 29 to July 9  with a person believed to be a 14-year-old girl.

Azada arranged a meeting with the girl on July 9, the warrants say. Cary police met him at the rendezvous point, 200 Grand Heights Drive, and arrested him. They found a pornographic DVD, an open condom and a laptop in his car.

Azada, a nurse's aide who has no record of previous arrests., was charged with attempting to commit indecent liberties with a child, dissemination of obscenity to a minor and soliciting a child to commit sex acts by computer. He was released from jail on a $50,000 bond.


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  • LuvLivingInCary Sep 22, 2009

    my point is that it's not my city's job to be out policing the internet for all the other city's. this department is desparate to justify their work so they have to look for other places to show their worth.

  • lizard Sep 22, 2009

    bunny slippers! LOL

  • gotsomesense Sep 22, 2009


    Hello? Fantasy stops when you make plans to meet the kid and actually show up with paraphernalia in hand. If he hadn't come to the "meeting" he wouldn't have been arrested. He wasn't arrested in front of his computer with his bunny slippers on...

  • in2horses Sep 22, 2009

    I see another "Dateline" inthe making.

  • veyor Sep 22, 2009

    I would be careful about entrapment. That said, however, I just wish we could lock people up when they commit the first crime - not the 20th.

  • Tarheelfan13 Sep 22, 2009

    This is a very sensitive issue and there is no doubt any type of child sex crime issue deals with the most heinous of crimes outside of murder. However, since the internet is a communication medium I think maybe the federal government should take sole jurisdiction in these online chatroom crime matters. What is going to happen one day if by coincidence a state law enforcement official attempts to basically entrap/lure a person who unknowingly to the state policeman happens to be a federal agent going online to catch sexual predators. Since the federal agent has more authority than the state policeman would the federal agent arrest the state official at the rendeavous point? It sounds almost unbelievable but what are the chances it may happen one day.

  • twc Sep 22, 2009

    ""Tax dollars...no minor hurt".... Tax shouldn't be an issue when getting a perv off the street.... Oh, should they wait until someone is hurt? Maybe if is was your daughter you'd see things differently.

    And if it was your son, you might see things differently.

    The problem I have with these types of cases is the "luring" part. People who might not otherwise harm anyone could be led into a situation with the wrong temptation. I believe it was Eve who was first tempted.

  • hihuwatlu Sep 22, 2009

    Who cares whose tax dollars were spent. This guy was trying to target a minor to meet for sex. Had he been talking to a real minor who agreed to meet him, there's no telling what crimes would have been committed on Cary soil. He'd also still be out there targeting others.

    And for bullcity, saying no minors were hurt is like saying someone who attempts to shoot someone but has bad aim and misses shouldn't get into any trouble. What about next time?

  • twc Sep 22, 2009

    Maybe there should be some scrutiny of authorities luring potentially innocent people into what might otherwise just remain a fantasy. Ye who are without fantasies cast the first stone!

  • Chili Sep 22, 2009

    He had an 'open' condom?? ewwww.