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Warrants: Apex man attacked Holly Springs officers

Posted February 6, 2012

— Holly Springs police arrested an Apex man Sunday who allegedly kicked, spit at and threatened to kill police officers after refusing to submit to a breathalyzer test during a traffic stop, according to warrants.

Shawn Michael Tippett, 27, of 2713 Holland Road, was pulled over for speeding on Alford Highway near Avent Ferry Road around 12:45 a.m., warrants state. The officer reported smelling a strong odor of alcohol in the car and that Tippett was glassy-eyed and not wearing his seat belt.

After he allegedly refused to take a breathalyzer test, officers tried to draw his blood to submit for chemical analysis.

At that point, warrants allege, Tippett kicked one officer in the head and chest and another officer in the leg. He also allegedly spit at a third officer and told him, "I am going to find you and (expletive) kill you."

Tippett was charged with three counts of assault on a government official, malicious conduct by a prisoner and communicating threats and was taken to the Wake County jail. He is due in court March 22.


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  • josephcosta1974 Feb 7, 2012

    Rebelyell55 "So they can get a warrant for blood, how do they get it?" By presenting the judical official with probable cause . . . the founding fathers recomended it! As to the rest of your rant/concern when this guy is responsible for the death of one of your loved ones you'll be railing on and on about a broken system?!?!?!?

  • piratecove79 Feb 7, 2012

    Just to let everyone know that Mr Tippet already had a DWI and hit and run previously. All you have to do to get this public information is go to NC Department of Corrections website and there it is for you. So it appears to me they already had this information and knew what they were dealing with so I see no fault in their actions

  • Rebelyell55 Feb 7, 2012

    So they can get a warrant for blood, how do they get it? They take it themselve? They have nurse come in and draw it out? What if they have someone who afraid of needles? I'm talking a serious infliction of the fear.
    I'm not saying what this guy did was right, but there is just to much missing here in this story. The fact is, I'm wondering if some of our "rights" are being thrown out the door by the goverment that many are not aware of.

  • somey Feb 7, 2012

    VariousGood - Whats wrong is Mr. Tippett your boy friend?

  • smegma Feb 7, 2012

    thank you officer hamm for ignoring our constitution in the name of safety. i believe everything the almighty TV tells me. take my rights now. i don't need them.

  • Go Lee County Feb 7, 2012

    he knew what he was doing when he got behind the wheel after drinking, thank you officer Hamm for protecting people who dont drink and drive.

  • No Party Affiliate Feb 7, 2012

    1UNC, agree that that judicial system is just crazy. When someone is accused of DUI its almost death sentence to which you can lose your family, job, all you money, kids, respect and considered a murderer. Those accused have to fight and do everything to get off. Some deserve the worst punishment but many do not.

    If caught with DUI a second time, throw the book at them. If they cannot learn after the first one there is no excuse.

    First time offenders should not lose their license, nor pay fines, nor stay in jail longer than 1 day. What they should do is have to go to alcohol treatment on thier expense. Have weekly drug test on their expense. Have to use a breathlizer in their car to start the engine on their expense. Depending on how drunk they were the time spent doing this is on the judge.

    Why make the lawyers rich and hold up the court system? Who is this helping?

    If the higher power wants to really fix drunk driving then pass a law saying no alcohol should be allow

  • Rebelyell55 Feb 7, 2012

    The guys sure acted up, but I'm wondering about trying to draw blood deal. If he refuse then can they still force him to give blood?

  • smegma Feb 7, 2012

    agreed. but what you are saying is exactly what i'm saying IS ABSURD!!! A SEARCH WARRANT TO DRAW BLOOD IS I.N.S.A.N.E. where do we draw the line? warrants can be drawn from anything! a blown taillight? a flat tire? tinted windows?

    i also totally agree, justice system is ridiculous for letting repeat DWI offenders out. if you're a convicted felon then you should have no rights. force them to blow or take blood then. but if me and my clean record is driving along minding my own business, even if i just have one beer and "smell like alcohol", you are NOT getting my blood! the sad truth is a cop can get a warrant to do it. that's all my point is. and sorry but i'm gonna fight for my rights, which scares the heck out of me b/c this could be me going to prison. and i don't even drink and drive! they should have harmlessly taken him to jail after refusing to blow. all i'm saying. come after him with a needle... INSANE

  • 1UNC Feb 7, 2012

    variousgood, just wondering how many dwi trials you have been a part of. the defense attys are trying everything to get their ckients off. and i mean everything. the states need a number to put before a judge and especially a jury. defense attys are telling client that when they are pulled over to hand law enforcement a business crad that reads.....my atty has advised me not to answer any questions or take any test. i will not resist the arrest but will not speak. so, the officers have nothing but bad driving to try and convict someone in court. it is usually the 2nd 3rd repeaters that refuse,and you know how crazy the jurys are. so they have to get a search warrant to get his blood. and like i said, with a search warrant the officers can use what ever force is necessary to get the blood. all depends on how much the suapect resists the blood draw as to the amount of force that is used. all courts want a number to convict. its to bad that it has come to this but thats our justice system