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Warrant: Woman tried to bilk nearly $1 million from state of Fla.

Posted May 10, 2009
Updated May 11, 2009

— A Raleigh woman is facing charges after police say she tried to steal nearly $1 million from the state of Florida.

According to the arrest warrant, Angella Muthoni Chegge-Kraszeski, 33, of 12500 Garden Tree Lane, started up a business to steal from a Florida corporation with a similar name. She used the alias Christina Ann Clay to set up a corporation called Electronic Data Systems in North Carolina and a business bank account with a SunTrust branch in Raleigh, the warrant says.

The Florida state government caught Chegge-Kraszeski when she tried to change the bank account information for the legitimate Florida business and submitted a bill for $925,374.91 on April 2, according to the warrant.

Chegge-Kraszeski was being held Sunday afternoon at the Wake County Jail under a $5 million bond. She was also required to turn over all her passports to authorities.


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  • Tolip May 11, 2009

    "if stupidity was a crime, then all of our prisons would be fuller than they are now." Yeah, don't ya sometimes wish that it was at least PAINFUL? lol

  • affirmativediversity May 11, 2009

    She was requested to turn over her PASSPORTS...as in plural??? How many PASSPORTS does she have and from where?

  • NC Medic 522 May 11, 2009

    if stupidity was a crime, then all of our prisons would be fuller than they are now.

  • Figureitout May 11, 2009

    No, the truley sad thing is that while she was doing this not only was she stupid but she obviously she did not seem to care about how this would effect the people around her.

  • NeverSurrender May 11, 2009

    The truly sad thing is that comparatively speaking, the size of her attempted fraud was penny ante by the usual standards in Florida.

  • jse830fcnawa030klgmvnnaw+ May 11, 2009

    The problem was Angella Muthoni Chegge-Kraszeski was too stupid to realize that a single large bill for $925,374.91 raises red flags within the banking system. She probably read how to setup fake businesses on the Internet, so I doubt she had the intelligence to successfully carry out the crime. Personally, she should be arrested for being so stupid and it would have been easier to stay within the laws and work towards a real job.

  • workingforthosethatwont May 11, 2009

    wonder why she couldn't put that much effort into a legitimate job?