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Warrant: Teen was playing with pistol before shooting

Posted July 9, 2008

— Search warrants returned Tuesday in the shooting death of a Raleigh teenager state he and the man charged in his death were playing with a pistol and pointing it at each other when it went off.

Damien Dunn, 14, died from a gunshot wound at a home in the Walnut Terrace community.

Fruikwan Dion Rashard Stewart, 18, was indicted Monday on charges of involuntary manslaughter and possession of a firearm by a felon in the case.

Eboni Dominique Mitchell, who authorities say helped Stewart escape from police, was indicted on accessory after the fact to involuntary manslaughter. According to the warrants, Mitchell was Stewart's girlfriend at the time.

His mother, who had been recovering at WakeMed after having her leg amputated, found out six days later her son had died.

Dunn was known as a friendly seventh-grader at West Cary Middle School who loved sports, worked at the Boys and Girls Club and played drums in the Helping Hand Mission Marching Band.


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  • daMoFo Jul 10, 2008

    One person is responsible for this..Fruikwon. Fruikwon?

    Any 18 year old that has to be told not to play with guns probably also needs someone to tell him not to play in the middle of I-40.

    We had guns in our house from my earliest memory. We were taught how to use them and how dangerous they were. We were taught not to play with them. We didn't. Why was a 14 year old hanging out with a 18 year old convicted felon that was already breaking the law by having a gun? Who was looking after him while his mom was in the hospital?

    The problem here is not the gun, it's people being irresponsible.

  • Glass Half Full Jul 10, 2008

    Another tragic event. Sympathy for the families. Gun laws are about as effective as locks on doors. If someone wants a gun or wants to enter your home illegally, they'll find a way.

  • uthink Jul 10, 2008

    Initially I thought that the one young man was arguing with someone and that the young man killed was an innocent bystander. What is the true story?

  • rargos Jul 9, 2008

    I don't see this as a gun safety issue : the person who actually did the shooting was an 18 year old CONVICTED FELON who shouldn't even have had a gun in the first place. Sadly, it was probably only a matter of time until he shot someone intentionally.

    It's worth noting that one of Eve Carson's killers was also convicted felon who was caught in possession of a firearm (while on probation!) and was still roaming the streets. I don't understand how people can push for more gun control when we don't enforce the laws we already have.

  • Kilroy Jul 9, 2008

    Where did they get the gun to play with.....?

  • CrewMax Jul 9, 2008

    doodad- You have to talk with your children about what they see,
    do and play with. I emphasize safety when they handle weapons.
    I talk to them about the shooting games they play, and if they
    seem to be getting too wild during the shooting games, I take them away and tell them why. All of these things have a context,
    and it is the parent's job to provide and manage that context.
    I am not going to raise a gun nut, but someone who can handle
    a gun, and does not have an irrational fear of them.

  • skypilot-not Jul 9, 2008


  • doodad Jul 9, 2008

    How can you teach a kid not to play with guns when videos are plastered with them and they are sold in plastic form at Wal-Mart? Some real handguns look plastic. Probably are plastic.

  • hkypky Jul 9, 2008

    Worland: If you have to be taught not to play with loaded guns, chances are a Guns 101 class will be lost on you.

  • Worland Jul 9, 2008

    Perhaps more NC schools should teach gun safety to our kids...