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Warrant: Teacher provided teens with marijuana, pills

Posted November 13, 2013

— Search warrants released Tuesday involving a Chatham County middle school teacher allege that she and a man who live with her provided teenagers with marijuana and pills.

Ashley Nicole Dillon, 29, and Landon Scott Lucas, 23, of 2122 Cassowary Lane in Apex, were arrested last week on charges of possession with intent to sell and deliver marijuana, maintaining a dwelling for controlled substances and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Dillon, who has been suspended with pay, is a seventh-grade math teacher at Horton Middle School in Pittsboro.

According to a Nov. 7 search warrant, Apex police received numerous complaints about the alleged activities at Dillon's apartment.

"Complainants stated that juveniles under the age of 18 were drinking, buying and smoking marijuana, as well as pills, from Landon Scott Lucas and Ashley Nichole Dillon," an affidavit attached to the warrant states.

Investigators conducting surveillance stopped two people leaving the home and found marijuana in one person's book bag. One of the people also admitted to having an additional 28 grams that had been purchased from Lucas earlier that day, according to the search warrant.

Investigators took several items, mostly drug paraphernalia and drug-packaging items.


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  • lwe1967 Nov 14, 2013

    When convicted, she should loose her teaching license. If she is adjudged innocent, then she should keep her license, but they should keep a hard eye on her for awhile. Her skills have nothing to do with the fact that she may have given things to underage children.

  • landonsgrampa Nov 14, 2013

    What happened to all those folks last week, who said to let her go because what she does on her own time is not relevant to her teaching? Remember this?

    "Legalize it. Half you you screaming couldn't match her math skills buzz or no buzz....THD"

    or this....

    "So much for being innocent until proven guilty. Personaly, I dont think marijuana should be illegal at all. However, given the nature of her job I dont think she was using the best judgement either....Enough is Enough People"

    What difference a week makes. You guys were all for her doing and selling drugs last week. This is just too funny.

  • 678devilish Nov 14, 2013

    I hope justice will be served to the highest extent of the law. She should never be allowed to teach any where in America. But it makes me angry knowing she is still drawing a paycheck.

  • KermitDFrog Nov 14, 2013

    I guess she graded the rolling of the paper, not the writing...

  • anneonymousone Nov 14, 2013

    Foodstamptrader, it's a pretty large leap from "suspended with pay" to your comment of "Good grief, even dealing dope to your middle school students only warrants a paid vacation for the NCAE members."

    A. In a Right to Work state, the NEA affiliate does not function as a union.
    B. Do you have evidence that she is an NCAE member?
    C. Do you have proof that the NCAE is at work in the statutes that allow for her to be suspended with pay?
    D. Might it be that ALL state employees are suspended with pay until and unless they are found guilty of certain crimes? I don't know, but it certainly seems a possibility.
    E. Are you familiar with the notion of the American legal system considering people to be innocent until (and only unless) they are proven guilty in a court of law?

    IF she's guilty of what she's been charged with, those activities are vile and inexcusable.

  • BlahBlahBlahBlahBlah Nov 14, 2013

    Sad to hear..
    We already have a shortage of Math Teachers..
    Oh well....Maybe she was tired of teaching a test..
    Wrong move Teacher........You have just given away your career for a little extra $$$

  • Elem-Teach Nov 14, 2013

    If she is found guilty, will she have to pay back the money she getting while on suspension? Do the schools do random drug testing of teachers?

    No and No...the only teachers tested are the ones with a bus license.

  • BlahBlahBlahBlahBlah Nov 14, 2013

    Gives a whole new meaning to the concept of "high" school.
    Too funny!!!

  • blastamasta Nov 14, 2013

    Selling to your own students? lol. Like they're not going to rat you out if they get caught. They were just asking for it, especially with how teens like to gossip.

  • anneonymousone Nov 14, 2013

    Dontstopnow, there have always been adults in positions of authority (teachers, clergy, parents and guardians, etc.) who have abused the power and trust they have been given. That is inexcusable.

    What has changed is that there is more support for survivors and more reporting of such crimes. Those two facts intersect. When there is more honest reporting of abuse, survivors feel safer about telling others about their experiences.

    I'm a teacher, and I think all teachers take an unwritten sacred vow to protect the kids in our care and, by extension, all kids. Although this woman and her partner are legally considered innocent until and unless they are legally proven guilty, it seems to me that she did not honor that vow.