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Warrant: Man, 18, used replica gun to scare kids

Posted March 12, 2011
Updated March 14, 2011

— An 18-year-old Raleigh man used a replica gun to scare children who he thought were playing football too loudly in his apartment complex, according to an arrest warrant.

Meredith Delynn Cromartie Jr., of 6800-208 Madison Ridge Way, was charged Friday with going armed to the terror of the public.

The warrant states that Cromartie grabbed a realistic-looking airsoft gun and walked toward the children "with the gun in full view in an attempt to intimidate them."

The children and a witness believed the airsoft gun was a real firearm, police said in the warrant. The airsoft gun did not have any markings to show that it was a replica gun.

Cromartie was released into the custody of his parents. His first court appearance was set for April 8.


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  • cmurdis Mar 16, 2011

    the people beside or under meredith lied and stated he had a revolver they where trying to get him in trouble meredith cromartie is not a bad kid at all he sings play piano and football and wrestle hes a good kid and he just mad a bad choice trying to show off i pray for him everyday that this charge gets dropped the bible says touch not my annoited and do my profits no harm its amazing when you turn 18 society will lie on you god bless!!

  • cmurdis Mar 16, 2011

    i live in that neiborhood this is not what happen i talked to meredith and the kids the kids were never scared heres the whole thing: the kids were outside playing football and meredith went outside on his porch and stated "yall boys go to leesville yall gotta play harder than that" so one of the little boys in the neiborhood thier all in middle school one of the boys said shut up.. boy number 2 said you shouldent talk to mc like that he has a gun so the one boy said mc you dont have so mc being stupid got his airsoft gun the one he does security with and took it outside and showed it to them he didnt point neither shoot them with it his older brother said get his but in the house and he turned around and went in the house so he did. i talked too the children and the kids said they werent scared at all they knew he was playing the kids said they have a good relationship with mc he looks out for them and they go to him when they need something. the people that live beside meredith lied