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Warrant: Father accused of making meth didn't want to lose kids

Posted December 3, 2012

— A Johnston County father who was charged last week with making meth at his home told deputies he didn't want to lose his family, according to a search warrant released Monday.

Douglas Lee Brock, 33, and Tara Nicole Bunn, 29, each face seven charges, including manufacturing methamphetamine and child abuse. The couple have two children together –a 4-year-old girl and 6-year-old boy – who have been staying with relatives since their parents' arrests.

The Department of Social Services plans to test the children for chemicals and interview them. They also plan to petition the court for custody. 

The young girl was home Thursday when two Johnston County Sheriff's Office detectives arrived to investigate a report that the couple was making meth. While speaking with one detective, Brock was nervous and "visibly shaking," the warrant states. He said he didn't want to go to jail and lose his children.

When asked if there was methamphetamine in the house, Brock turned his head to the side and refused to answer. He then began crying and repeated that he didn't want to lose his family, according to the warrant.

In a separate conversation with the other detective, Bunn also dropped her head and began crying when asked about meth being made in the home. She then showed the detective two two-liter bottles in the master bedroom that were used to make the drug.

Detectives then executed a search warrant at the home, at 150 Loop Road near Archer Lodge, and seized four unopened 24-count packs of pseudoephedrine tablets, Walgreen's receipts for pseudoephedrine purchases, several glass smoking pipes, digital scales, plastic storage bags and other suspected drug paraphernalia.


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  • IHeartThe1Percent Dec 5, 2012

    North Carolina Cutie, Yes! This is definitely his fault too. He drives everyone a little closer to substance abuse.

  • nimueowl Dec 4, 2012

    even if Soc Services takes them, the parents will probably get them back if they are contrite and can get off drugs

    the Soc system is geared toward parents' rights, not kids' availability for adoption, rightly or wrongly

  • ufcx3 Dec 4, 2012

    this is sad. these parents should have thought about their kids before meth. What if they could have got hurt or killed by touching or swallowing this stuff? Wonder if they get government assistance as well. would not surprise me! time to drug test these people before they can get any kind of help especially with kids. pathetic.

  • North Carolina Cutie Dec 4, 2012

    Was this the Presidents fault too?

  • PeaceOut2017 Dec 4, 2012

    he'll miss his meth more than his kids

  • djofraleigh Dec 4, 2012

    He might lose them while he is in jail and prison...

  • smegma Dec 4, 2012

    i see the self-proclaimed experts on the power of addiction are in full force today

  • PracticalMagick Dec 4, 2012

    Maybe that is one of those things parents need to consider before making choices? I remember back when I was little and watching Sesame Street...even at that age, they were trying to teach us to THINK before we did. "If I pop my baby sister's balloon, that would be fun, but what would happen?" and then the Muppet would play through different scenarios before finally deciding NOT to put the needle in the balloon.

    It really isn't rocket science.

  • PITNSMOKE Dec 4, 2012

    These people are putting setting their children up to fail. I'm sure they love their children IN THEIR WAY. The children will be better off with someone else that loves them and will provide them with a HOME, where they don't have to worry about the police arresting their parents. What kind of people have they already been exposed to? WHERE I COME FROM THATS NOT LOVE! I say get them out and give them a chance! Odds are this is not the only illegal things going on in this household. These two are in it together, what kind of mother would take a chance on losing her children. THE KIND THAT DOESN'T NEED THEM!

  • Scubagirl Dec 3, 2012

    "I have a feeling that these parents still love their kids even so they chose a bad way to make living and system won't be able to find better parents for their kids. Love! nialet"

    I think you may be correct; better maybe they will, who will love more-not so much I fear. Unless there is family fit to take them.