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Walmart vs. Harris Teeter receipt challenge!

Posted October 31, 2013

Walmart - Cary


One of our Smart Shoppers, bparrish, shared a great example of how couponing, especially double couponing, saves us so much money! She took Walmart up on their challenge to compare receipts. You will love the result!

Here is the story she posted on the blog today:

"ATTENTION WAL-MART-  While walking in WM during lunch today, I decided to take their little compare receipt prices challenge & using the same items I got this am at HT w/o sales, e-vic's, super double q's & zvr's, HT total $74.85 vs Wal-Mart total $59.48.

HT 0, WM 1.

After e-vic's, sales, super double q's & ZVR's, HT $3.40 vs using same q's for their Q value at WM, $34.58.

HT 100 WM 000!!! That's why we love HT & super doubles!"

Basically, if she had bought the same items at Walmart today, using the same coupons and their current sale prices as those she bought at Harris Teeter, it would have cost her $34.58.

But she shopped at Harris Teeter instead and using coupons, Super Doubled coupons, store digital coupons and sales, her total was.......drumroll please.......$3.40!

That's a savings of $31.18 off the Walmart price for the same items.  WOW!

Yes, it took her a little more time to prepare for this shop than shopping at Walmart with the same coupons, but not that much more time. The only real difference in shopping the 2 stores time wise is that she had to spend the time to load the digital coupons from That probably took all of 15 minutes. So, for about 15 minutes more time spent preparing, she saved $31. Is 15 minutes of your time worth $31? Even if it took her 30 more minutes to prepare her coupons to shop at HT vs Walmart, her savings are still more than worth the effort.

Thanks for sharing your story, bparrish! And congratulations on your fantastic savings!




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  • theCouponDiva Nov 1, 2013

    This is a really good comparison and it also speaks on the fact that sometimes you get the better deal at the better store. Im not a big walmart fan for customer service reasons but Ive always been a fan of harris teeter. Thanks for sharing!

  • Smilepal Oct 31, 2013

    Not to mention the fact that Walmart is not the most cp friendly store in the world. BEEP! BEEP! LOL! I try to avoid WM, and shopping at HT does seem to save time for me. Oh, but that sounds like a different type of challenge. How much longer does it take to shop at WM compared to HT and are you still smiling when you leave.

  • mys1983 Oct 31, 2013

    thanks diane!

  • DianeNC Oct 31, 2013

    shaggingsenior - most stores will get shipments in of the items that they're out of stock of before that week's sale is over. There's no guarantee, of course, that the particular sale item you may be looking for will be on one of those trucks, but it usually works out for me. (Also - some of the larger HTs seem to usually have stock on items the smaller ones run out of a lot.)

    Because of this, I will usually wait until the last day of a sale (Super Doubles or otherwise) before getting a rain check.

    Harris Teeter is where I shop anyway, so I wouldn't be wasting my gas making a special trip just to use a rain check.

  • shaggingsenior Oct 31, 2013

    The problem with Harris Teeter is that unless you go @ 7:00 am on the morning of the weekly sale beginning they are out of stock. Everytime I go I have to get rain checks for items on my list. When I shop at WalMart the items I need are always on the shelf. Super Double coupons are no good if merchandise is not on shelf. How much is gas going to cost you for a return trip to use rain check?

  • DianeNC Oct 31, 2013

    mys1983 - Since you're going to get your coupons doubled up to $0.99 at Harris Teeter anyway when they're not running a Super Doubles sale (which Walmart doesn't do,) and are able to stack Harris Teeter's electronic coupons/ZVRs with your manufacturer coupons (which Walmart also doesn't do,) I believe you have the opportunity to save more at Harris Teeter even outside of Super Doubles, especially went you apply these methods of saving they offer with whatever current sale they have going on.

    Sure, if I'm in need of a specific item that is not on sale at HT, and that I don't have a coupon or a ZVR for, it will most probably be cheaper at Walmart, but when you look at the big picture, I don't think there's any comparison.

  • corbin04 Oct 31, 2013

    I agree jdouglas-those commercials burn me up. I saw a big Publix billboard in Florida this weekend saying 'walmart is not always the lowest price'..i assume in regards to those commercials!

    Hang in there Kathy. Great to hear you have such good employers :)

    mys1983-when couponing you very rarely pay full price for things so even w/o super doubles I can get things for less than a $1 usually at HT where as even w/a coupon at walmart it wouldn't be near that low. So everyday HT is usually always going to be cheaper.

  • mys1983 Oct 31, 2013

    ...but what about outside of super doubles, of course you save more then???

  • mrschizzy Oct 31, 2013

    There are only certain things I go to Walmart for - like boxes of protein bars and shakes that we like. Those are much cheaper there, unless I have the occasional coupon. But, on the whole, I can get better deals with HT, Lowes, and even Kroger than I can at Walmart with sales and coupons.

  • raesmom1612 Oct 31, 2013

    Kathy, prayers from our family to yours :)