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Walmart thieves swipe $10,000 in merchandise

Posted August 19, 2013

— Chatham County sheriff’s investigators are asking for the public’s help in identifying three men they think are responsible for the theft of more than $10,000 in merchandise from a Walmart.

The thefts happened June 23 and 24 at the store on U.S. Highway 15-501 at the Chatham and Orange county line. Investigators said the thieves entered through the main entrance between 1:30 a.m. and 3:30 a.m. and left through a locked door in the garden center.

Anyone with information is asked to call investigators at 919-545-8133 or 919-542-2811.


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  • earthmama Aug 21, 2013

    "This happens because these kids have parents who do not care."-678devilish
    You are SPOT ON! The majority of children being reared today are not taught self-responsibility by any stretch of the imagination. And this disturbing phenomenon does not discriminate...the rich, middle class,and poor are affected.
    Recently, I observed a woman at a hardware store in North Raleigh with 2 boys who appeared 9-11yo. She was well-groomed, as were the boys. One boy unhooked the chain across the entry to the employee section, while the other boy kicked the Do Not Enter gate wide open. This is while that woman just stood there. When she was finished at the counter, she just said, "come on boys. let's go."
    This is not simply a case of "boys will be boys." These little ill-breds were disrespecting property that was not their own, while mom condoned their behavior.
    This is not society's fault...this responsibility falls squarely on the parent.

  • superman Aug 19, 2013

    Three men and 10,000 in merchandise? They would have needed a truck to haul that much stuff out the store. You just cannot put that much stuff in a couple shopping carts. Anyway when a person has stuff in a cart you have no idea whether they paid of not. The garden shop exit could have been the one closest to their car even if they did pay.

  • Bear2013 Aug 19, 2013

    How do they even know what was stolen from the store to state the $10,000 amount? You would think that any expensive items would have sensor tags in them to set off the security alarm on the way out.

  • beachboater Aug 19, 2013

    "Maybe if Wal-Mart would offer a reward when people observe someone stealing, the person would come forward and report and Wal-Mart after investigating would reward the person. The criminal would be caught and sent to prison." 678devilish

    Now that's really bad. Nobody (according to 678devilish) will report a crime unless they get paid for it. I guess just doing the right thing or the golden rule or the law are all things of the past.

    Gimme some reward money and I'll tell you who took your stuff.


  • Frank Downtown Aug 19, 2013

    Wow! Some employees need to be fired!

  • A person Aug 19, 2013

    It could not have happened to a nicer company. Of course everyone will pitch in to help find the people who stole from the company that has had more to do with the down-fall of America than Obama

  • whatelseisnew Aug 19, 2013

    "Wal-Mart writes off the losses. This is the reason you never see security or any real action against shoplifters."

    There is security and retailers spend enormous sums of money in the effort to reduce theft both from outside thieves and from some of the employees that are also thieves. No matter WHICH retailer you might use, thieves are stealing from them and in fact are also STEALING from you.

  • HANS FOR PRESIDENT!!!!! JK Aug 19, 2013

    Walmart deserves to get robbed after they dumped all the People Greeter positions so that people don't feel watched when they enter the store.


    A. No one "deserves to get robbed". It's illegal

    B. A two-person team trying to steal something from Wally World at 2AM could easily get by any greeter I ever saw standing by the door. They weren't exactly ex-military looking for civilian work. Actually walked past one sleeping once.

  • The Carolina Sweetheart Aug 19, 2013

    What did they steal worth $10,000? Wow!!! Sounds like they had some inside help! If you are familiar with the area, then you know that it's kind of remote, dark and not well traveled late at night... So once they were able to get the merchandise outside, they were pretty much home free...BUT I guess they didn't consider the security cameras!!!

  • Obamacare saves lives Aug 19, 2013

    We all pay more because of thieves, no matter which company it is.

    When losses are factored into retail prices that means you end up paying more for goods and services. From malls to Wal-Mart, shoppers to employees, shoplifting is on the rise.

    Employee theft accounted for close to $20 billion in retail theft – called shrinkage -- last year. That's nearly half of all the losses. Shoplifters stole $13 billion in goods, while administrative error and vendor fraud made up for the rest. Products most likely to disappear off store shelves are usually small and include cards, specialty accessories and grocery items. The study also found that organized retail crime was also a major culprit, with shoplifters taking large amounts of goods and then reselling them usually on websites. Honest shoppers won't be able to escape punishment. Retailers say product theft will force them to raise prices to pay their losses.