Walmart shooting prompts bill on firing weapons

Posted March 19, 2013

Sen. Pete Brunstetter, R-Forsyth, has introduced a bill that would change the law that allowed a man to open fire inside a Walmart without incurring a felony charge.

As it stands, it is a felony to fire into a building but only a misdemeanor to fire a weapon once inside, Brunstetter said. Senate Bill 124 would add make it a felony "to discharge a firearm within any building, structure, motor vehicle, or other conveyance, erection, or enclosure with the intent to do harm or incite fear."

The bill was spurred by the case of Justin Ross Murphy, who was caught on surveillance video in October 2012 opening fire in the electronics department of the Kernersville super store. Under current law, Murphy was charged only with a misdemeanor, Brunstetter said, and was allowed to continue carrying a gun. 

Surveillance video: Man opens fire in Kernersville Walmart Surveillance video: Man opens fire in Kernersville Walmart

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  • doggypoos Mar 25, 2013

    This dude is not even old enough to have a handgun plus all they gave him was parole. Should have taken him to do a psych check for you have to have mental issues to do something this stupid. Come on, you got it on camera. Its guys like this that shoot up people in public places.