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Walmart grocery deals: Chicken, salmon, strawberries, Coke & more!

Posted June 2, 2014



There are some very good grocery deals at Walmart this week including chicken breast, strawberries, salmon, pork loin, Coke 2 ltrs., French bread and more! 

These deals are valid June 1 - June 7, 2014.

Here are the details:

Boneless skinless chicken breast, fresh, $1.99/lb - good price

Boneless pork loin, half, $2.28/lb

Frozen skin-on wild salmon fillets, 2 lb bag, $9.68 ($4.84/lb - good price)

Fresh strawberries, 1 lb, $1.78 - good price

Coke all varieties, Dr Pepper Vanilla Float, 2 ltr., $1.00 - good price

Marketside French or Italian Bread, 14 oz., $1.00

Twizzlers strawberry twists, 16 oz, $1.88 - .75/3 coupon from 5/11 SS = $1.63 each

You can see the Walmart coupon policy on their website.


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  • tldavids Jun 3, 2014

    My parents and my sister are both in areas where they really have to drive a good distance to get to a decent grocery store with good deals so I try to shop for them. I'm in Clayton and work in Raleigh so I have an abundance of opportunity (when time and energy allow me) to shop for them. I love getting the good deals and sharing with others. They give me their coupons every week (along with one coworker) and when I hit a good deal I try to always pass around the items I know each would want. I also shop some for my brother who now has 3 little babies under 1 yr old so every little bit helps. *smile* And it helps me to lose weight by all the walking I do from shopping.

  • vlynn Jun 3, 2014

    I meant to post this here not in the Share the deals section. Re shopping choices: I think we forget in the triangle area how lucky we are to have so many shopping choices. I lived in a small town years ago and I remember how frustrating it was to not have a choice about where to shop. It was one store and that was it! My niece is in the same situation now that she lives in Texas. She has one store in her town (Walmart) and has to drive 3 hrs if she wants to go anywhere else. Since going anywhere else is really a major undertaking, Walmart is king!

  • needserenitytowin Jun 3, 2014

    Thank You !

  • teecee Jun 3, 2014


    I do read and use the list here for deals - I do NOT do all my shopping at walmart .

    I would love to have the choices of stores that many have but not all of us live in the big cities nor can get there on a daily basis to shop .

    Kroger is 60 miles round trip , HT is 70 miles -
    Will you drive a disabled person that far to shop ??

  • wral suks bauls Jun 3, 2014

    I don't mean to sound grumpy or like I work for WM competition - I just think cheap prices are great, but I didn't forfeit my customer rights.

    It maybe where I'm located at, the Raleigh WM's are better than the Durhams' walmart's or Roxboro Walmart. The stores a wreck, constantly out of stock, cold/frozen items being stocked sit out far too long before being put up, non-existent CS.

    I could rant and ran on about why I barely go there anymore. I'm inbetween jobs right now so believe me money is real tight. But I've found, especially with this smartshopper section, it's very easy to get many groceries cheap, or even free occasionally, at the local grocery stores. Coupons+sales+weekend sales have got me crazy cheap items. And it doesn't take very much time at all.

    Nobody is "that" busy you can't spend 10 minutes reading the list to find the best deals

  • wral suks bauls Jun 3, 2014

    View quoted thread

    That wouldn't surprise me. Not sure if it was just my experience or all over. I ended up throwing out the rest of the bag it was so gross (It was either salmon or cod, can't remember). I've just ended up buying fresh (or prev frozen) from the seafood dept in the grocery store.

    I used to be like you and do 95% of my shopping at walmart. I Just got tired of poor CS, the inconsistent "price matching" promo (id have items cheaper at surrounding stores, even though the site says you don't need the ad, some cashiers, even managers would insist you do and not give you the deal), just total unprofessional things. I contacted corporate and I didn't receive a call back as promised, letter, nothing. It takes a lot for me to get to the point of calling corp.

    I save as much if not more money checking this (smartshopper) blog and the weekly deals list and shopping at HT, kroger, etc. A lot less frustration, having employees who help you, etc.

  • teecee Jun 2, 2014

    Thank You for including the Walmart sales , Faye .
    For some of us Walmart is the only choice we have for the day to day grocery needs - due to health problems, transportation restrictions or limited time &/or money .

  • teecee Jun 2, 2014

    Check the frozen seafood packages at ANY store these days - I have not found one in years that is NOT from China .

  • wral suks bauls Jun 2, 2014

    Thanks... sadly I find the produce, meats, and frozen fish aren't as good at walmart. At least the local ones. I bought some frozen salmon from WM a while back and they were utterly awful. Plus I despise the customer service or lack thereof.

    Good for some deals but I tend to go to Kroger, HT, and whole foods for meat/produce. Real fresh stuff there

  • kmm8256 Jun 2, 2014

    Thanks for doing the Walmart deals! I tend to shop for most of my groceries there if they are not on sale some where else. Groceries just seem cheaper there. I hope this continues!! Thanks again!! :)