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Wal-Mart Scraps Plans for Knightdale Supercenter

Posted March 4, 2008

— Wal-Mart has decided not to build a Supercenter store in Knightdale that was to be the anchor of a proposed 440,000 square-foot shopping development, the town's mayor said Tuesday.

Mayor Russell Killen said he was frustrated and called the decision a major loss for the town, said he is frustrated and disappointed by Wal-Mart's decision and calls it a major loss for Knightdale.

"It means, over five years, about $1 million of lost revenue to the town," Killen said.

The plans for the shopping establishment, which would be called Village Parks Commons, have been on hold for two years while the local citizens group, Citizens Against Residential Encroachment, fought a legal battle with the town over the development.

Killen said he believes Wal-Mart decided not to build the store because of the public opposition and delays in breaking ground.

Wal-Mart spokeswoman Tara Stewart said Tuesday, however, the company was downsizing the number of supercenters and that the Knightdale store "did not make our internal economic hurdle."

CARE, which argued the town didn't properly notify residents, opposes the shopping center, saying it is too close to their properties and would bring increased traffic and activity to the area.

"Big-box retail centers belong in a highway district and, specifically, not in a neighborhood district," said John Allen, an opponent of the shopping center.

The town won a lawsuit and a subsequent appeal, and CARE has asked that the state Supreme Court hear the case.

Killen said the estimated $900,000 the Wal-Mart would have generated and the $100,000 the town has paid in legal fees could equate to lost projects, including a new fire station and soccer field – they might not be possible without a tax increase, he said.

"We were trying to find a win-win situation, and the town simply forced it into a win-lose situation," Allen said.


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  • sparker18 Mar 6, 2008

    It's sad that the KD council's vision was blocked by "yet-another-Walmart" superstore. Not only is there an existing supercenter nearby, but there's an existing Walmart IN KD, where 1) the parking lot is never full, 2) a fraction of the checkouts typically are open, and 3) adjacent stores (a Wynn Dixie, a pharmacy, the Remington Grill AND a hardware store) have closed. What about putting THAT property (and infrastructure) to good use FIRST, instead of building on open/green space ? OK: not QUITE visible from 540 - but then, neither is Widewater Commons from 264....
    We have Lowes and Food Lion. We have a Lowes and Home Depot. We have Target and Bed/Bath. We have two major pharmacies (RIGHT across from one-another, naturally), and plenty of fast food joints. Knightdale does not need to be further assimilated into the generic big-box landscape that has been popping up across the country. And most of my clothing is already made in China.

  • foetine Mar 4, 2008

    There is a Walmart 3 miles down the road from this location. People in Knightdale act like they're stuck in the middle of Nevada. The people complaining about the Walmart were really disgusted that part of the plan was an above ground resevoir that was 20 plus feet tall and backed up against the subdivision. Who wants to know that you're one crack short of having your house knocked out by a flood? And your homeowners doesn't cover flooding. have you people looked behind the Midway Mall to see all the refuse and oil that runs off the parking lot and into the land? It's not pretty.

    SuperWalMarts are turning into the 7-Elevens - they want to stick them on every corner.

  • Janne Mar 4, 2008

    Handle With Care, your deer are still in danger. Just because Walmart pulled out doesn't mean the development won't go forward with someone else. It may be a lesser evil or it may not.

  • james004 Mar 4, 2008

    Knightdale didn't need a Walmart Supercenter anyway.

    Walmarts are usually dirty, are in bad areas of town, and have horrible service. They're only a step up from a Kmart. Target is the best, you can tell by the type of people who shop there.

  • makemyday Mar 4, 2008

    We do need more grocery stores in the Knightdale area....

  • makemyday Mar 4, 2008

    I don't have anything against Walmart Stores. I do not like the Walmart SuperCenters they are just too big. I went one day after just a couple of things and they ended up on the opposite sides of the store so I had to walk 3 miles just to get a couple of things

  • RonnieR Mar 4, 2008

    Good, no make that GREAT, news!

  • kendradad Mar 4, 2008

    WalMarts are mostly very dirty, provide poor service and have poor quailty merchandise. I gladly pay more to shop elsewhere.

  • Handle With Care Mar 4, 2008

    C trainer, I have seen the nice old man in the garden center chase down theives.Wal-Mart is very lucky to have him.I quit going to the store when I bought an AC unit for my garage and it was marked 79.99 and it rang up 99.99 so they verified the price and I was right about what I saw and the manager "Gary" said 99.99 was correct and he changed the sign in front of me and said if I wanted it, it would be 99.99.So needless to say I've never been back...ok ok back to the story, this is the best news I have heard all day anytime you ride by the field where they were planning on building you always see a herd of deer.I'm glad they will still have a home.

  • kindanutsboutswim Mar 4, 2008

    What some raleigh people cannot seem to realize is that we did't need another superwalmart in Knightdale, there is one a grand total of 3.5 miles from the proposed site on New Bern Avenue. And another Walmart is opening tomorrow in zebulon. We really dont need another one. It is not nessesary...