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Wakefield High student charged with sexual battery

Posted May 19, 2009

— A Wakefield High School student has been charged with sexual battery in an incident at a school lock-in last Friday, police said.

Police said Joshua Michael Vines, 17, was at the lock-in with other Wakefield High students when he dropped his pants and put his crotch next to a girl's face.

He has been released into his parents' custody.


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  • letsxdecodexyou May 28, 2009

    Alysa does not want attention she is not like that. She is a cool person. She did nothing wrong. I can defend anyone i want so SHUT UP!

  • jordanww2003 May 28, 2009

    letsxdecodexyou are you CRAZY! All she ever wanted was attention, and she got it THE BAD WAY! I understand how you're trying to be a friend and defend her. But seriously, you can't defend her from this. This is HER issue and SHE has to deal with it. You weren't there, and I wasn't there either. So to defend someone who I go to school with and see how she acts in a regualr basis, tells me that you don't know this girl at all. Like I said earlier, all she wants wa attention and she got it... THE BAD WAY!

  • letsxdecodexyou May 27, 2009

    I am a good friend of the victim. she has a name and it's Alysa! I am a friend of hers from ny. she is somewhat disgusted with some of the comments. each one of those she has made a comment on and since no one will i will defend her.
    I am assuming that most of these FALSE COMMENTS like ones made by cmonreally... and loganritchey were done by the kids in her theater class. you all stink because you all are treating her like dirt when she did the right thing. "it happens to other people you say how sad you say poor thing but when it's you its something else its everything! never belive the nitemares never know the pain you caused...everything lost you took my body tore it in half you took my child hood my heart and my laugh you took everything i kept for my self and now your gone im not your poor thing!" poor thing by PMS. I SUPPORT ALYSA CELIA MOSS 100% SHE DID THE RIGHT THING.

  • cmon really... May 21, 2009

    Professor- "Wow not a teacher this time but a student."

    You are completely right. Just like last time, a girl has ruined a guy's life because of her immaturity. The teacher was proven to be innocent and Josh will be too

  • cmon really... May 21, 2009

    I am a student at Wakefield and I've know Josh for 3 years and have worked closely with him. He is an amazing, talented guy and doesn't deserve this. For all you people who are saying "If it was my daughter..." think about this: HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF YOUR SON OR YOUR FRIEND OR YOUR CHILD'S FRIEND HAD HIS LIFE RUINED BECAUSE A GIRL WANTED ATTENTION? All of you keep talking about how horrible this guy is but NONE OF YOU KNOW WHAT SHE DID! Just last year this SAME GIRL accused Josh of STRANGLING HER for no reason what so ever. Every few days she goes to our director saying that someone sexually harassed her or physically abused her. When she told of what happened, SHE ONLY GAVE THE NAMES OF PEOPLE WHO DIDNOT WANT HER TO PLAY. There were other people invoved and as loganritchy stated, she intentionally left them out of the story so they wouldn't get in trouble.

  • mom2five May 20, 2009

    I waited to see if WRAL would post anything new about this. and of course nothing has changed. This boy is a friend of my daughters. And no he isnt "Bussed in" dont be ridiculous. he is an awesome kid and student. he is a good friend and i agree that this kind of stuff should sometimes be spread through the enquirer before hitting what should be a real news outlet. maybe this is bad but these kind of things happen each day. the kids think they are playing. i have daughters and i would nt like this at all. however, if i had a son i wouldnt want this in the news. this is a good boy. with an excellent program at wakefield. once again its pick on wakefield day. why does Wral post things and then give no follow up. whats the real verdict here?

  • Figureitout May 20, 2009

    Some of the comments on this article are very sad. Yes, I diagree with the actons this boy made. But to sit there and judge a school by its name and then think that you know him because you here of something he is being "accused" of is ridiculous! On top of that you are judging him on what he did but did you ever consider the fact that you dont know the whole story. Com'on really??? I highly doubt that WRAL knows or would even tell you the whole story! Why dont some of you think before you post things! Some of you sit there and say imagine if it was your child whose face had a crotch in it!! Well imagine if your child was the one putting his or her crotch in someones face, you wouldnt be so judgmental then would you?? You would be the one saying you dont know the whole story or hes/she is just a kid, we all make mistakes!! Get over yourselfs!!

  • Jh5230 May 19, 2009

    It seems inappropriate to post a minor's photo before he's been convicted in connection with sexual battery. Why shoot first and ask questions later? It no longer matters if he did this, this boy's life is ruined.

  • loganritchey May 19, 2009

    As a student who was there, knows all students involved, and saw this incident occur, I can honestly say that this story is lacking in detail. First of all, he had taken off his pajama pants earlier to sleep, but he had undergarments on, and was not at all exposed. Secondly, there was NO PHYSICAL CONTACT between them; It was part of a game of truth or dare. She did not try to stop him or move him once. Afterward, she came up to us and asked to join our game. I don't think you would ask to play a game with someone who you believe just put your safety in serious danger. Also, she TOLD PEOPLE that she left them out of her story so they wouldn't get in trouble. If she changed who was involved, would she not alter or exaggerate anything else? She has been known, and confessed to, lying to get attention in the recent past. In short, Josh should be punished for picking on another student, but this is COMPLETELY ridiculous. I would verify all of this under oath.

  • kittiboo May 19, 2009

    If it had been MY face that he stuck his stuff in (clothed or not), *I* would have been the one charged with a crime for assaulting his little friend. EW. Too bad parents don't teach their boys how to respect women any more.
    I don't think a lock-in is such a bad idea, especially if it was after prom or something like that. The kids could've gotten in a lot more trouble out on their own. We had a lock in at school when I was a freshman (in the 1990's) and it was great. I'm sure there was enough supervision- this could've happened at anytime- even during school hours.