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Wake voters approve $810M school construction bond

Posted October 8, 2013

— Wake County voters easily approved Tuesday an $810 million school construction bond that school and county officials say is critical to keeping up with enrollment growth.

With all 200 precincts reporting, the bond passed by a margin of 58 percent to 42 percent, according to unofficial results. Support for the bond was strongest in Raleigh and western Wake County, while the northern, eastern and southeastern areas of the county voted against the bond.

Joe Bryan with Keith Sutton School bond approved; question on control of construction remains

The bond will be used to build 11 elementary schools, three middle schools and two high schools, do major renovations to six schools and smaller upgrades to dozens of others and purchase land for future schools.

The Wake County school board and commissioners set aside their differences over who should control school construction to unite behind the bond, saying more schools are needed to accommodate a projected 20,000-student increase in enrollment over the next five years.

"The community recognized the necessity of this core infrastructure that we need to be ready for the future," said Joe Bryan, chairman of the Board of Commissioners.

"This was the absolute best way, the smartest way, the most inexpensive way to pay for these new schools and the renovations we need to keep pace with this growth," said Keith Sutton, chairman of the school board.

The bond will add 5 cents to the county's property tax rate, meaning an extra $75 for the owner of a $150,000 home.

Opponents criticized the school board's handling of money and said existing facilities are enough to handle enrollment growth.

"I think voters will be disappointed that some of the things they anticipated coming out of this will not and some of the warnings that we had for them will come to pass," said Duane Cutlip, vice president of the East Wake Republican Club.

Bryan said county leaders will not let that happen.

"We have committed to re-doubling our efforts to ensure we are making good investments on land purchases and building schools," he said.


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  • Krimson Oct 11, 2013

    Buster: "what has happened to all the lottery money?"


    Google is your friend...

  • sixnitepkg Oct 10, 2013

    I don't understand.... what has happened to all the lottery money? There should be plenty of lottery funds to where taxes could be lowered not raised!!! I personally have contributed at least $20,000 to the lottery since it came into existence. I have contributed more than my part!

    can't help that you wasted 20 grand on the chance that lightning would strike you in the head 3 times in one day and you'd survive without brain damage - THOSE are the odds you'll actually hit the powerball

  • sixnitepkg Oct 10, 2013

    "heck, they need the $$ just to make up for the rampant incompetence of the last anti-education, right-wing radical board, nevermind getting ahead!"

    So we should throw MORE money their way to be mismanaged????? Now THERE'S a new approach to spending.
    October 9, 2013 3:43 p.m

    well well well... now there's an old GOP hack trick... why didn't you post THE ENTIRE STATEMENT? Oh, and putting Quotes around a partial statement without a "..." either starting or ending to show there was MORE to the statement; and not citing the author is 1) plagary, and 2) libel

    but why did you do it? because you know it would point out that your argument is completely erroneous, and illogical

  • PIBound Oct 9, 2013

    I didn't vote. It was going to pass regardless. Here's the thing: my kids are in private school because public schools stink. I work to pay that tuition. For those of you that want to beep and squeak that I'm rich, cry me a river. I put MYSELF through college and grad school. You can build all the schools you want. Until parents get involved in their kid's education they will continue to suck. I will be out of here before these schools are built. Good luck to those of you that think bricks and mortar will suddenly make the WCPSS better.

  • innocent bystander 3 Oct 9, 2013

    "I personally have contributed at least $20,000 to the lottery since it came into existence. I have contributed more than my part!" - buster102007

    Your financial advisor must be very proud of you.

  • Alexia.1 Oct 9, 2013

    "What's really crazy is that you folks have no idea about how many people live in wake county and how many new folks will arrive and go to school over the next 5 years. Also many of the old schools need repair, and in wake county..." --NC_interest

    I realize these things. As I said, folks managing the money apparently don't know how.

    We have had a continued growth for 15 years in this area. During that time, relatively few new schools have been built. The grade school closest to my house has had kids in trailers for as long as I've lived here. The trailers were installed because there was a huge growth in the population. So, there are thousands (or tens of thousands) of new people living here and paying taxes for schools, yet there is no money? Kids are still in trailers.

    The cost to educate kids is a fixed percentage of revenue. With revenue rising as it did for 15 years, where did the excess go?

  • busyb97 Oct 9, 2013

    "Or are you going to stop the economy because you cant have it your way just like your other GOP friends?" Joycejunior"

    Ahh...words of intelligence, because we know that the GOP are the sole reason the government is shut down. Read the REAL news, not mainstream media Obama lapdogs (if the GOLO censors post this). Obama is shutting down more than government reach- out of spite..and to "cause the most pain".

  • westernwake1 Oct 9, 2013

    "please direct me to the statistics regarding educational levels of these areas. Do you have hard numbers or is this just a generalization on your part? I am not trying to be argumentative but I do think you should have tried to make your point without being demeaning." - mytrish

    After enduring endless insults and unfair characterizations of bond supporters from fact-free anti-bond alarmists over the past few days a sizeable dose of demeaning is well deserved (not to you personally BTW, but others).

    Anyone who has followed my previous posts know I work with demographic data for a living. Particularly using decisioning, analytics, large data, and mathematical formulas to provide segments of the population with the best offers (credit cards, etc.) from banks that are likely to be accepted while minimizing financial risk. This involves working with a group of PhDs each day who specialize in data and statistics. The voting precient data is from a standard paid industry database.

  • buster102007 Oct 9, 2013

    I don't understand.... what has happened to all the lottery money? There should be plenty of lottery funds to where taxes could be lowered not raised!!! I personally have contributed at least $20,000 to the lottery since it came into existence. I have contributed more than my part!

  • bombayrunner Oct 9, 2013

    people will not continue to move here ... there are no jobs to support them. Unless, you believe Obama that the recession is over. Its not, people just have run out of benefits. Anyone watch 60min last weekend?