Wake SPCA switches out dogs in effort to make more room

Posted July 11, 2013

— The SPCA of Wake County switched out several dogs at its Raleigh adoption center Thursday to make room for animals at other shelters at risk of being euthanized.

With about 80 dogs at both its adoption center on Pet Finder Lane and its intake facility in Garner, the no-kill shelter is full and unable to take any more animals from shelters overflowing with abandoned animals.

Eight dogs from the adoption center – considered "long-timers" because they have been awaiting homes for several months – will spend the summer at the Garner holding center while five dogs and eight puppies from the facility will be available at the adoption center.

The goal is to adopt out the dogs to make room for more.

"This is a measure that we're taking to mix things up, shake things up," said Monday Lamb, Wake County SPCA's interim executive director.

The dogs taken to the holding center, however, will still be available for adoption but aren't on display to the public.

"It kind of helps market these new dogs and then the older ones, as well," said Rebekah Yusko, the SPCA's animal care and behavior supervisor. "When they come back, they'll be seen as new again."


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  • dsdaughtry Jul 12, 2013

    shelters have a good reason for rules.. even if they seem strict. So many pets are acquired or adopted only to be returned weeks, months or years later. This is why many county shelters are maxed to capacity. If you can adopt? great! If not? there are other ways to help animals by donating food, litter, towels, pet toys, carriers and even cash donations to help fund your local shelter.

  • deactivate Jul 12, 2013

    Talking about jumping to conclusions! Wow! My dogs come in and go out as they please. They don't get heat stroke. They are not on chains. You are extreme! My vet is one my closest friends. He commented about the rules of the shelter also. No one has said anything about mistreating any pets.

  • llrolfe Jul 12, 2013

    Further more most large breed dogs are in the working class of dogs. They need structure in their lives, they live to please. Very good family dogs and the best watch dogs for your kids you can get. So again do your research before you thing you want a dog. Dogs get heat stroke just like humans !!!

  • silkesmom Jul 12, 2013

    Sorry, we are all entitled to our opions, dpetersduke. My horse was attacked by a loose fighting breed that was all sugar and spice with humans. My dog, on a leash, was attacked by another loose fighting breed. My personal experience has not been good with them, so I would not take a chance. One of my points, which seems to be overlooked, was that by buying dogs off of craigs list and other free ads, folks are subsidizing the backyard breeders and thus contributing to pet overpopulation. Of course look for a rescue first. My own dog is a rescue. And, if you fancy a particular breed of dog, the breed rescue group can often help you.

  • llrolfe Jul 12, 2013

    You people don't have a glue to owning a pet. Let me take you or your child and put a coat on you and hook a chain around your neck and leave you outside. Lets see how you like it. See you deal with the heat, rain, snow, and cold. Dogs and cats need love and care just as much as a child. Well by the sounds most of you don't even need to have children by the way you want to treat your pet. You going hook your kid outside or drop him off at the shelter because they don't do what you say. Anyone that leaves a pet outside 24/7 should taken to court and fined. Most of the dogs that are in rescues are pets that have been abused, neglected, or done something the owner didn't like, which the dog probably didn't know it was wrong. Do your research or even go talk to a vet. before you go spouting off at the mouth then you don't have a glue to what your talking about.

  • deactivate Jul 12, 2013

    There are many loved outside dogs. And I never said the dog is left outside all the time. But they act like if you leave it out for any period of time, except for walking that it is wrong. How ridiculous. I have a friend that is a school teacher, loves animals and wanted a pet from the SPCA. She was declined when she said she would let it be outside some. Especially if you have a fenced in back yard. Even my vet said they are too picky. I feel sorry for dogs that go there.

  • dpetersduke Jul 12, 2013

    @Hangry they turn away many suitable adopters?? Seriously if you aren't allowed to adopt there is a reason why. People are not allowed to adopt because they intend to keep the dog tied up or in a kennel in the backyard. Just think most of these dogs are from that exact situation, why put them back into the same situation they were living in before. @Silkesmom appearances alone don't make a fighting dog just because they "look" or are "big" doesn't make them a fighting dog. It's HUMANS that fight them and what the heck do you mean "not suitable for the average family pet" that statement there just ignorant. I have helped so many dogs that have been neglected, not fed, heartworm positive, or have collars imbedded in their necks and living in their own feces and these dogs are seized from their "loving" families.

  • country4ever Jul 12, 2013

    " Please choose an ethical breeder the next time you choose a pet and spay or neuter your pet."

    Uh no......please choose to rescue a dog.

  • silkesmom Jul 12, 2013

    So many of the dogs available seem very big and appear to have fighting breeds in them - not suitable for the average family's pet. Nor would they be my choice to adopt. Many are older, dropped off by families who no longer want the grey face at home. How sad is that. Even sadder, you have only to look at craig's list and even the wral free ads to see that people are breeding dogs willie-nilly with the hopes of make a few bucks or avoiding the cost of spay/neuter. Please choose an ethical breeder the next time you choose a pet and spay or neuter your pet. This will head off the mess the shelters and SPCA have to deal with. Also, I think wral should not provide free ads for the people who breed animals. No need to make it easy for the backyard breeders. Ethical breeders are much pickier about their puppy homes and have very few litters, often with wait lists.

  • Pepe Silvia Jul 12, 2013

    Disembark - No dog, big or small, should be an "outside dog" ... what is the point of a dog if it isn't part of your family? Given your attitude, I'd rather a dog sit at the shelter a little longer then spend 10+ years sitting in your backyard unloved.