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Wake sheriff's daughter faces drug trafficking charge

Posted May 18, 2010
Updated May 19, 2010

— Three people, including the daughter of Wake County's sheriff, have been arrested on charges of drug trafficking, the Johnston County Sheriff's Office said Tuesday.

Justin Devon Bryant, 17, Ryan Taylor Moore, 17, both of Clayton, and Paula Gail Harrison, 42, of Raleigh, were arrested Thursday on charges of trafficking prescription pills.

Johnston County spokeswoman Tammy Amaon said the three allegedly were in possession of a large quantity of oxycodone that is believed to have been stolen from a Clayton home on April 18.

Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison confirmed Tuesday that Paula Harrison is his daughter.

"I don't have all the facts in this case. It has happened so quickly," he said in a statement. "I certainly support and love my daughter and have faith in our judicial system."

Paula Harrison faces four counts of trafficking in opiates or heroin, one count of possession with intent to sell, one count of maintaining a vehicle or dwelling for selling a controlled substance and one count of Schedule 2 controlled substance violation.

Bryant faces one count of trafficking opiates or heroin and one count of conspiracy to sell or deliver a Schedule 2 controlled substance.

Moore faces one count of consuming alcohol under 19 and two counts of trafficking opium or heroin.

The three are out of jail on bond, Amaon said.


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  • jprice4 May 21, 2010

    Once you raise your kids and they become adults you can't watch them 24-7. Sheriff Harrison is a awesome sheriff and a friend. He has done so much for the department and continues to do so everyday. It's sad that his daughter has made some mistakes but don't we all. Donnie didn't raise his kids this way I can promise you that.This will not and should not have any affect on the outcome of the election in November for Sheriff of Wake County. We the people need to vote on Sheriff Harrison not his kids.

  • ncbaseballmom May 20, 2010

    Guess everyone forgot that the one of the kids involved had a father who was a cop. Funny how he's trying to get his off by playing the blame game. At 42, your kids are grown and make their own decisions. A parent can't be held responsible. It's bad enough having to watch their suffering and not being able to do anything about it.

  • the people May 19, 2010

    I bet Harrison don't serve a Day!!!!In no jail!!!!Watch!!!

  • the people May 19, 2010

    Doper is a doper !!!!!Who's suppiling her money,up keep;she don't work right???Hanging out with pUNK Kids;what's up with this 42 yo PUNK????Is Wake County keeping her up??Taxpayors,Who ?? Where does she hang out!! This has not just started,right??B&E 's maybe liked to these three MUSKOTEERS!!!!Who's investigating this!!1Not Wake Sheriff Office,HUH,HA,HA!!Probation for sure is what she'll get; her ole man's connected!!!To judges,everyone!!!!Years of B&'Es are maybe linked thugs like these..I bet!!!!!Let's see .It stay quite almost a week this time!!!I bet there's more!!!Just one B&E,bet not..It's like Lay's chip's ,nobody can do one!!! Now how can Wake Sheriff Office do this??? Fairly....Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NCAries May 19, 2010

    If this had been someone else you would be saying what horrible parents they had and that they should be locked up.

    You're right.

  • bindimon May 19, 2010

    Boy y'all got your'e drawers in knot over some pill's please

  • SouthernLady05 May 19, 2010

    FYI Donnie wasn't married when he was with "the woman". His wife had been dead 5 years.

  • SouthernLady05 May 19, 2010

    "sheriff harrison has no respect for his wife" FYI: He's not married.

    LOL at people saying Baker was better. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Must not know too much about the guy. Like how he did nothing but help criminals in wake county, make deputies lives living hell... not to mention his fear of dogs (=sucky k9 program)... couldn't carry a weapon... never made calls.... I could go on and on and on

  • The Fox May 19, 2010

    [Harrison doesnt respect family and it shows]Sheriff Baker respected criminals and it showed.

  • mea1001mea May 19, 2010

    "WOW! This story popped up on YAHOO news last night..." I noticed it too. carolinarox - of course it's local - we all know that and all us "locals" (state of NC) read it! ;)