Wake County Schools

Wake schools sees more than 150,000 enrolled

Posted September 13, 2013

Wake County budget could affect schools

— Ten days into the 2013-14 school year, the Wake County Public School System had tallied more than 150,000 students enrolled.

Of the 153,152, almost half were in elementary schools.

The total is an increase of more than 3,000 students across the county, and it comes as school leadership advocates for an $810 million school construction bond. Voters will be asked to give the growth plan a thumbs-up on Oct. 8. Sample Ballot with Wake County School Bond Question Q&A: Wake school bond

The bond – the first since 2006 when voters approved a $970 million referendum on school construction – would cover the cost of 16 new schools (two high schools, three middle schools and 11 elementary schools), six major renovations and dozens of smaller projects at existing schools. It would also help pay to upgrade technology and security across the school system and to purchase land for future schools.

Since 2006, the district has grown by more than 20,000 students, making Wake County schools the largest school district in the state and 16th largest in the nation.


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  • hiddentreasurescruecds Sep 19, 2013

    There's plenty of room in Wake County schools. If you remove the desks from classrooms you can easily fit 100 or more students in a classroom as long as they are standing shoulder to shoulder.

  • glarg Sep 17, 2013

    Have we paid off the nearly Billion dollar bond from '06? Nope, not even a decade in before we need another hit of that sweet, sweet future money.

    From the Free Press post mortum on Detroit's bankruptcy:

    "“Detroit got into a trap of doing a lot of borrowing for cash flow purposes and then trying to figure out how to push costs (out) as much as possible,” said Bettie Buss, a former city budget staffer who spent years analyzing city finances for the nonpartisan Citizens Research Council of Michigan. “That was the whole culture — how do we get what we want and not pay for it until tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow?"

  • glarg Sep 17, 2013

    $970M for 20K students is $50K a student.
    $810 for 3K students is $270K a student.

    Are we buying each one of these tots a new house?

  • btneast Sep 16, 2013

    With the purchase quantity, they should be getting a huge price break

    yes, WCPSS buys generally at State Contract prices.....which is on par with what most decent sized private companies pay. Let me dispel a common myth.....there is only so cheap you can buy anything.....no matter how much you buy. Just an FYI, WCPSS is not the easiest entity to do business with, which one has to factor in what they have to charge. How much hassle is it to deliver goods, how long does it take to get paid, how much time does your sales force have to spend just getting the order, etc are all things that have to be considered.

  • Krimson Sep 16, 2013

    TV_Deceit: "The U.S Supreme Court ruled that children cannot be refused admittance into a public school based on their immigration status. - However, law breakers who manage to sneak into the country are NOT defined as "immigrants"."

    You just managed to counter any and all arguments you might make on the topic with your own first two sentences...

    A person doesn't need to be "defined as an immigrant" in order have "status" as to their "immigration", i.e. an Illegal Immigrant has the status of being "illegal".

    If you have issue, take it up with your Representative...

  • btneast Sep 16, 2013

    Children's needs SHOULD come first with them. If they can't keep political party leanings out of their decisions, we need to boot them out the next election.

    A person's political leanings always has and always will affect their decisions and voting on any elected board. It's naïve to think there is a such thing as non partisan. It's been that way since the beginning of time.

  • IPayYouPay Sep 16, 2013

    harmstrong4: Never has the news media said tens of thousands. If you read the articles I've read, it always said about a 3,000 student increase each year. Never has it said tens of thousands.

  • hiddentreasurescruecds Sep 16, 2013

    Whether you vote yes or no on the bond the schools will get built and your taxes will go up. It's just a matter of how high your taxes go up. Some of you are mistaken and assume if the bond is voted down that new schools will not be built and your taxes will not go up. You are wrong.

  • TVs_Deceit Sep 13, 2013

    The U.S Supreme Court ruled that children cannot be refused admittance into a public school based on their immigration status. - However, law breakers who manage to sneak into the country are NOT defined as "immigrants".- I couldn't claim immigrant status when I entered Italy recently. Just because I was in the country it didn't mean that I was an immigrant. -- Same for the people who sneak into North Carolina illegally. -- Managing to break into a State does NOT mean that they are eligible for 12+ years of free Citizen-funded education for each of their children. -- Until the school system addresses the issue of children who have no right to be enrolled in a school, then I cannot believe they're serious about solving an overcrowding problem. -- It would cost very little to e-verify a potential student -- extremely much less than 810 Million Dollars. -- Rid the schools of non-immigrant, illegal aliens, and then determine IF we even need more room. Until then, NO!! TO MORE OF MY MONEY.

  • tarheelfan41 Sep 13, 2013

    "I would like to know how many school did they build using approved $970 million bond from 2006 ?" - dnguyen68

    The bond package will allow 17 new schools to open between 2008 and 2011, major renovations to happen at 13 existing schools and about workers to undertake 100 smaller repair jobs. It will also help cover six new ninth-grade centers to ease overcrowding at high schools and buy land to build 13 additional schools from 2011 to 2013.'

    Deep details can be found on the Wake County or the Wake County school system websites in financial information sections dealing with the 2006 bond.
    How many students are sitting at home not allowed to attend a Wake County school this year? (answer is ZERO!) So with the additional BILLION dollars they will build how many schools? Add 3000 student a year how many more schools do you need? If you built addition schools why do you need 9th grade centers? Huge wate of money! What did you get for it? What'the impact of 9th grade centers?