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Wake schools says accreditation complaint without merit

Posted December 18, 2012

Wake County Public School System

— The Wake County Public School System says a complaint against the school board by the Wake County Taxpayers Association is without merit.

The Taxpayers Association – a nonpartisan group that has historically supported conservative candidates – filed the complaint in September, accusing the Democrat-controlled board, in part, of "continued mismanagement," "lack of governance" and "hasty decisions" that caused a "climate of fear and intimidation" in Wake County.

"Contrary to the unfounded allegations in the complaint, (the school board) has operated openly and transparently and solicited input at every turn from staff and community stakeholders," the school system said in a 28-page response to the complaint.

Part of the Taxpayers Association's complaint had to do with the board's controversial decision to review the district's new three-year student assignment plan.

"Even in the area of student assignment – where board members have admittedly had strong, but good-faith, disagreements as to what is in the best interests of students – the board has engaged in healthy and robust debate in accordance with established processes and sought consensus wherever possible," the school system wrote in its report.

Since a March 2011 report in which AdvancED found that the then-Republican-controlled school board created a "climate of uncertainty, suspicion and mistrust throughout the community, the school system has worked to adopt a strategic plan and provided board members training on their roles and responsibilities – requirements necessary for the school district to retain its accreditation.

"The board is not perfect, but it understands the fundamentals of good governance, works through contentious issues and strives for continual improvement," the school system said.


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  • westernwake1 Dec 20, 2012

    "westernwake1, lol, boy you sure have a short memory, don't you? Dr. Burns resigned with an effective date..... We don't have to explain the headline because if you actually read the story, you'll find out how wrong you are." - jcthai

    Good attempt at re-writing history. You can read all the news articles about Del Burns. The articles stated he resigned and he REFUSED to work with the school board to implement assignment policies that were not based on diversity. You can either admire his courage to stand up for his personal convictions or think that he is a fool. The bottom line is that the job of the superindentent is to implement policies operational as dictated by the school board. As stated in many articles, Del Burns contract did not make it possible to fire him with cause unless he was convicted of a felony. Therefore the school board was left in a position where they had to put him on administrative leave until the resignation with an underserved package was effective.

  • itsyoureternalsoul Dec 19, 2012

    I would only worry about SACS accreditation. But then, no public school needs to worry about accreditation...........

  • IPayYouPay Dec 19, 2012

    No, Mr. Capps, that would be Mr. Margiotta and Mr. Tedesco that REALLY shook everything up. Republicans are now ticked off - now they know why Democrats were so upset when they took over.

  • ConservativeVoter Dec 19, 2012

    Burns was Reverend Barber of the NAACP's lackey. Much like the five Democrats on the current school board.

    Barber pulls their strings.

  • jamesrhoades Dec 19, 2012

    Wake County Tax Association is as Non-partisan as the NAACP! Except the the NAACP plays the Race Card EVERY chance they get.

  • jcthai Dec 19, 2012

    I'd love to know why WRAL or any other news organization would persist in the fiction that the Wake County Tax Association is non-partisan. What does it take to be non-partisan? Their actions and their words are clearly partisan? So what remains to be non-partisan?

  • jcthai Dec 19, 2012

    westernwake1, lol, boy you sure have a short memory, don't you? Dr. Burns resigned with an effective date after the school year had ended. For various reasons, Tedesco said they wouldn't be able to work with him and put him on administrative leave. Saying that Dr. Burns was put on administrative leave for refusing to come into work is an outright lie. If he had done that, he would have fired for cause. We don't have to explain the headline because if you actually read the story, you'll find out how wrong you are.

  • beaupeep Dec 18, 2012

    "Dr. Burns resigned but they put him on administrative leave until his resignation was affective(sic)."

    I'm sure you wouldn't know, sooperman, but for many execuive jobs, if you resign you are escorted to the door and your secretary brings out your stuff in a box.

  • westernwake1 Dec 18, 2012

    'whatelseisnew http://www.newraleigh.com/articles/archive/school-board-puts-superintendent-on-administrative-leave

    Get the facts straight. Go back and read the post about two years ago and you can see for yourself that the board didnt have a clue about accreditation.' - superman

    Del Burns was put on administrative leave when he refused to come into work and do his job. Shocking! The only reason he was not fired immediately is because of his contract with the school system.

    Explain this headline...

    Wake schools superintendent's resignation becomes official

  • justabumer Dec 18, 2012

    I spent 32 years in the public schools and was involved in the accreditation process a number of times. I never saw any evidence that accreditation had any effect on the quality of the education in any of the schools. It was simply a process which we were forced to endure. I do suspect, however, that the accreditaion agency makes a pile of money from this.