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Wake school bus driver injured in wreck

Posted April 1, 2013

— A Wake County school bus driver was hospitalized Monday afternoon after a car ran through a stop sign at Wilmington Street and Pecan Road in Raleigh and hit the bus, police said.

Children were on board at the time, but only the driver was injured. 

No other information was released.


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  • Scubagirl Apr 2, 2013

    I see, DAILY, drivers running stop signs & lights, going at least 20 over speed limit, swerving while texting and quite a few other infractions but NEVER do I see a LEO of any type stopping them.

    Not sure what it will take......Folks now seem to think that a red light is merely a 'suggestion' to stop. Just like when they put their turn signals on to change lanes-it's not a 'request' by them to merge, rather a statement "I'm MOVING OVER regardless of space or anything else"

  • pja1357 Apr 1, 2013

    Here we go again with another bad situation with a school bus. What does it take for people to pay more attention. People should be aware and treat a school bus like we do when it is a fire truck, ambulance or police, SHP or WCS Department. I just had someone pull out in front of me today just because they were too lazy to stop at the stop sign. Toughen up cops on this people.

  • LocalYokel Apr 1, 2013

    I saw several several cars run stop signs over the weekend.

    I know that law enforcement sees bad drivers run stop signs too but I'm not sure why they don't take action.