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Wake School Commission Votes to 'Demagnetize' 4 Schools

Posted May 23, 2007
Updated August 7, 2007

— A Wake County school commission voted Wednesday to demagnetize four elementary schools, but the plan must be approved by the school board.

The commission also agreed not to make Forestville Road Elementary a magnet school. The schools are as follows: Wake Forest Elementary, Root Elementary, Lincoln Heights Elementary and Olds Elementary.

School board member Carol Parker said the issue has to do with the board's goal of keeping schools "healthy."
Magnet schools were designed to bring students in from other areas to keep free and reduced lunch percentages low. They've determined that these schools would be "healthy" schools without the magnet status.

The schools will remain magnets for the 2007-2008 school year but it is unclear when the magnet status would change.

School system staff are getting a transition plan together for the board to review.


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  • SomeRandomGuy May 25, 2007

    Am I missing something here? Where does this article say anything about music and art classes??

    At least its a step in the right direction. I just wish they would stop bringing students into the schools from other areas at ALL schools, and go back to community based schools!

  • scal May 24, 2007

    "...Magnet schools were designed to bring students in from other areas to keep free and reduced lunch percentages low..."

    Well I'm glad that is finally settled. The truth about magnet schools is finally out. God forbid our free lunch numbers get to high. Scary to think where we might be without profiling.

    Wonder if the BOE will offer better electives to get more kids to go YR? Just goes to show you the BOE CAN offer students a good education with good teachers when they want to.

  • clickclackity2 May 24, 2007

    Well...unless your base school just happens to be one of the magnet schools, then more than likely your child will not be getting into one. The magnet school fairs are a joke and only a bare minimum amount of students will be admitted.

  • Jane1 May 24, 2007

    I love our elementary magnet school. I drive my child to school everyday, so I am not wasting any taxpayer money. Our school is very different from other schools with all kinds of different electives (over 50) and foreign languages, plus the usual art, music and PE. And a bonus in being a magnet status student is that unless we move out of Wake County we cannot be made to change schools due to redistricting.

  • Travised May 24, 2007

    I never really cared for the "magnet" concept; saw it as a waste of taxpayer money. If the folks want it they should cough up extra money. Otherwise, stay in the area school and not cost us (the taxpayer) more funds for specality schools.

    TaxMan, my version of the 3R's, Reading Riting, Rifle training. Thats enough to keep us alive!

  • diwanicki May 24, 2007

    tax man, just because a child gets free/reduced meals, doesn't mean they are not good students.

  • RTPMedic May 24, 2007

    The WCPSS has not done a good job with education for years. It's not that it is too big, it's that the school board thinks more of itself than it should and their "swagger" is clearly taking its toll. The WCPSS could save MILLIONS each year by letting kids go to school at the school that is closest to their homes and not bus them all over the County to meet some ridiculous "goal". My kids do not go to a WCPSS school, but we are zoned for a school that if my kids were to ride the bus there, would drive by 2 OTHER SCHOOLS on the way. That is STOOPID! Lemme see, we want to spend a whole bunch of money in order to qualify for reduced school lunch federal monies? They also need to go back to the "Three R's" as the basis of education - not all of it, but the basics. They have had to dumb down the cirruculum to mainstream kids that should not be.
    Also, the public school bureaucracies are afraid of the Charter School model. The current limit on the number of them should be lifted.

  • Tax Man May 24, 2007

    Readytotaxi - agreed! The public schools need to have some competition. Charter schools can accomplish that along with Vouchers - parents should be able to use the tax dollars set aside for education to properly educate their kids in any school they choose - public, private, charter, parochial or home schooling. The parents should get the money and determine where they will use it. That would make the public schools have to compete - and competition is very healthy!

  • Tax Man May 24, 2007

    Kittiboo - thanks for the explanation. I do not want the kids to suffer either - but I do not understand why it has anything to do with Magnets - if we are only concerned about the poor children not eating at home, send the whole group to one school with a big cafeteria so they will be fed well and learn well - but why use this as any criteria of where the other kids go to school. It seems more disruptive than beneficial. I see the need for feeding the kids but do not understand why it should impact the rest of the school system - why do you take a poor kid all the way across town to give him breakfast? Give him breakfast at his local school - or if you need to move kids for this purpose, send them all to the same school where the staff are available to accommodate them. Magnet schools should be used to attract good students to schools that lack good students, not to attract hungry kids - they have enough problems, they should not be dragged all over the county to get breakfast.

  • Uncle Ruckus May 24, 2007

    For many years, due to overhaul increase in population, I have wondered if the magnet programs are needed at all. Given the limited amount of money allocated for education by the State, I think is would be prudent to look at areas in which education "fat" can be cut. Yes, it is great to have all those ego building "feel good" programs, but if Johnny still can't read or write, then what is the point. Go back to basics and stretch that education dollar.