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Wake school board members seek lawmakers' support in dispute

Posted March 4, 2013

Wake County Public School System

— Members of the Wake County Board of Education appealed to state lawmakers Monday to keep them in control of area school buildings.

The Wake County Board of Commissioners has asked the General Assembly to transfer control of the school buildings and land to them from the school board. The commissioners maintain that they would be more fiscally responsible in operating the assets and that the shift would allow the school board to concentrate on policy and curriculum.

Keith Sutton at legislature Wake school board members say they should retain control of property

The move has sparked a feud between the two boards, which are trying to work together to get a major school construction bond on the October ballot and passed.

School board Chairman Keith Sutton asked the Wake County legislative delegation not to intervene in the dispute. The school board has more experience than county commissioners at managing schools and has even won awards for design and planning, he said, so that responsibility should remain with them.

"We think we do the best job at doing that. Obviously, the county commissioners feel differently," Sutton said. "So, I think it has come down to a battle of political philosophies."

Commissioners also want lawmakers to change how school board members are elected, saying they would prefer at least five members elected to countywide at-large seats instead of the current system of nine single-member districts.

No bills have been filed yet, but Sen. Neal Hunt, R-Wake, is expected to file the school property proposal this week.


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  • superman Mar 6, 2013

    The BOC already have to approve the purchase of land for school sites.

  • pappybigtuna1 Mar 6, 2013

    this board can not control themselves as to education for the youth of Wake County.

    I say "NO" to them trying to take over the construction of new or remodeling schools in Wake County

    They are over stepping their abilities, they should be wise enough to know their limitation

    This group is more interested in satisfying a political party view instead of serving the education needs or the desires of the tax payers of Wake County

  • 426X3 Mar 6, 2013

    These people are a bunch of losers. Maybe the state should tell them all to go home and put people in the school board who actually care about education.

  • Krimson Mar 5, 2013

    BombayRunner: "if they are currently set up to make uncontested and unfair decisions that undermine the will of the people ... they should lose some 'power' and 'control'"

    Currently, the BOC controls the purse-strings, while the BOE controls the where and when new schools are built and/or existing schools are maintained. It is a collaborative effort, by both Boards, to manage School Buildings that are technically owned by "Tax Payers".

  • bombayrunner Mar 5, 2013

    ofcourse the media is on their side, once again portraying them as victims.

  • bombayrunner Mar 5, 2013

    if they are currently set up to make uncontested and unfair decisions that undermine the will of the people ... they should lose some 'power' and 'control' ... too long democrats seem to waste time and money.

  • bombayrunner Mar 5, 2013

    are they school board members or ditch diggers

  • lazyrebel Mar 5, 2013

    Buildings should go back to the county!

  • Krimson Mar 5, 2013

    "The Wake County School Board should have to answer to ALL Wake County voters, same as the Commissioners."

    Alternatively, perhaps the we should be electing Commissioners that represent Districts in Wake, giving all of us more equal representation in our own Gov't...

  • goldenosprey Mar 5, 2013

    "the county commissioners should control this. The school board, especially this current crop is not to be trusted. I want the commissioners to push for vouchers for private schools and try to help rid ourselves of an expensive, ineffective system."

    Then the Wake County Soil and Water Conservation Board should have to answer to the school board. Segments of a large, diverse county elect officials to run the school system. The whole county elects political hacks chained to big donors to ru(i)n the county in general. Let's not give them more power than they are entitled to. Let's not destroy public education, the thing that made this country great to privatize and profitize the schools.

    And karbat- how does Wake county "waste" so much money on diesel fuel. Wake is a pretty large county in area and there are almost a million people in it. Why is it "wasted"