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Wake probation officer charged with online stalking

Posted April 21, 2010

— A Wake County probation officer has been charged with stalking someone online, authorities said Wednesday.

Johnston County deputies arrested Err Bowen, 29, of 65 Stephenson Road in Benson, on Friday and charged him with one count of cyberstalking. He was released on a $500 unsecured bond.

According to court records, the alleged incident occurred on March 1. No other details were available.

Pamela Walker, spokeswoman for the state Department of Correction, said that, as of Wednesday, Bowen was no longer employed by the department. He had been with the department for four years and had been a probation officer since 2008, she said.


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  • knbwz Apr 21, 2010

    Very interesting to say the least, I hope the results are posted on this site!

  • redapace Apr 21, 2010

    He'll just get probation.

  • EricaSliver Apr 21, 2010

    I had a similar situation with someone constantly emailing, texting, facebooking, calling...even though I asked them to stop contacting me. After I blocked the person and changed my email and numbers, the person began contacting my family and friends (that he didn't personally know)...very unnerving!

  • Tater Salad Returns Apr 21, 2010

    look up the NC g.s. for cyber stalking.

    it can basically be translated - you email someone, they email you back saying not to email them again, you do, and boom!

    that's how the lawmakers wrote it and if the cop wants to be a richard, will write it up as so.

    I know lawyers who have had to defend against over-zealous cops making triumped up situations with their clever "articulation" of the events.

    the whole situation sounds sketchy

  • asdfg Apr 21, 2010

    What exactly constitutes cyber-stalking? I'm with John, block the person out. Maybe he was stalking a probationer, trying to find out if he/she was behaving and following the requirements of their probation.

  • gharris2 Apr 21, 2010

    ok! Bev. Perdue You don't let them hire people in this position without a degree, let's see what you'll do in this situation? Probably, nothing but push it under the rug, like the drunk trooper incident.

  • 27615 Apr 21, 2010

    I'm thinking WRAL should wait for details before they write a news story!

  • jackieflash42 Apr 21, 2010

    Will be interesting to see what happens with this case. For one, wonder what it's like for the prosecution representing the state to try and nail a state worker? And also, wonder what it would be like to have a state probation officer put on probation himself? Oh well, just a few things to start your day off with..*lol*

  • john283594 Apr 21, 2010

    I'm not sure how someone cyber stalks. Can't you just delete them from your friends and block their email accounts?

  • Timetogo Apr 21, 2010

    "...alleged incident occurred on March 1..." He 'stalked ONE day and got arrested?? He must have done it wrong!! My ex has stalked me for 3 years and I have to jump thru hoops to get the cops to even come out!