Wake determined to get busing right

Posted August 19, 2013
Updated August 20, 2013

Wake County school leaders are determined to fix a transportation system that drew weeks of parental complaints last school year.

They had rolled out a series of changes they hope will improve communication between parents, schools and bus drivers.

Wake touts changes to transportation Wake touts changes to transportation

Wake bus routes online

A week before the traditional-calendar first day, the Wake County Public School System published bus routes and stop locations online, enabling parents to anticipate an approximate pick-up time for their child when the school year begins Aug. 26.

The school district does not publish exact times for each stop, but advises parents to estimate about 5 minutes between stops and to allow up to 30 minutes of variance in the first weeks of school.

Find your bus route

One phone number and online contact form

Parents can contact the school district transportation office online at

"We'll have full-time customer representatives," said David Neter, chief business officer for WCPSS. Neter has overseen most of the changes. 

The school system has also established a new, automated telephone number for parents with concerns about transportation at 919-805-3030. This number replaces previous contacts for the transportation office and district offices.

"Last year we had a lot of callers call into the district office and hear, 'The voicemail box is full,'" Neter said. 

Real-time bus tracking

When school begins, the site will even offer real-time bus tracking. Routes have been tested and all buses now have GPS units, Neter said.

Routes will be monitored in the first few weeks of the school year and adjusted as necessary.

"We are in a position to have a significantly improved opening," Neter said.


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  • bmac813 Aug 21, 2013

    Please don't make me Laugh. Back in 1988 My Wife had to Drive my Son and his Friends to Carnage because the Driver always came at a different Time. One time she was there at 6:45am, Yes and School didn't start until 8:00 am The next time she came at 6:15 .When my Wife called the Bus Garage, they told her that the Driver said that the Kids were not there so she Left. The Driver never came at the Same time, So My Wife drove the Kids.
    This just didn't start Happening because some CONSERVITIVES took over the School Board.

  • WhatIsTheDrama Aug 21, 2013

    Hey Wake County Transportation! Instead of overwhelming us with all of this talk of "getting it right" bout implementing the old saying...SHOW US BETTER THAN YOU CAN TELL US! All of this added hype will only bring out every little boo-boo and hiccup that always seems to happen the first few weeks of school.

    Haven't you learned yet...sometimes, no news is good news!

  • WralCensorsAreBias Aug 21, 2013

    "And how the few stories ran now have positive headlines rather than negative"

    Shhhh, there's a bond to get passed. You guys are spoiling the hide-the-real-agenda power play.

    Did you know the school board and it's fringe supporters hired professionals to control the message? They are in charge of what you hear, and do not hear, this time around for their bond.

    But don't worry, they'll get the busing right. Wink, wink.

  • cseanwatts Aug 21, 2013

    Ought to read: "Wake determined to leave no dime unspent, no bond unpassed in bid to make water run uphill."

  • arfamr1008 Aug 21, 2013

    Tony Tata will be watching with a bucket full of popcorn.

    Obamacare saves lives

    and laughing while he collects his superintendent paycheck after the partisan hacks on the school board fired him for no reason

  • arfamr1008 Aug 21, 2013

    what WRAL failed to report here is that the bussing system has been messed up ever since teh liberal-progressives started race based bussing to hide problems

  • Capt. Obvious Aug 21, 2013

    Wish we had more busses and gas money...

  • arfamr1008 Aug 21, 2013

    Have you noticed that the non-stop reporting and negative stories about the school board stopped as soon as the Left-Wing Liberals took over? Wonder why that is?
    The Yoda
    August 21, 2013 8:25 a.m.
    Report abuse

    And how the few stories ran now have positive headlines rather than negative. Wral is no better than CNN or NBC. Total bias. If dens ever win back te state government they'll go back to never reporting on that also as opposed to the 10+ daily reports we get now

  • The Yoda Aug 21, 2013

    OK, we have to change something here. We are going to change everything to a Common Core. 5+5=11 is the right answer as long as you can explain your reasoning for it being so. No more of this foolishness of making believe that students actually have to get the "right" answer. Then we can do away with these foolish ACT thingee.

  • WralCensorsAreBias Aug 21, 2013

    "Have you noticed that the non-stop reporting and negative stories about the school board stopped as soon as the Left-Wing Liberals took over? Wonder why that is?"

    Sure. As for why that is? They want you to vote yes for the bond. Bad news, grad rates stinking, prison pipelines, bussing costs, system failures, those are all a thing of the past. The Libs are back in power, for now, and they will do it their way. End of story. Your ideas, concerns, rights as a parent, those don't matter and having the media bring any of that to the attention of the clueless masses is counter productive to getting what they want next from you,

    more of your money!

    Let's see if the clueless wake up in time to keep their tax bills from going up a few more hundred dollars.

    If not maybe they'll wake up when their next tax bill arrives.