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Wake Man Charged With Sex Crime Against Child

Posted March 6, 2008

— A man was scheduled for arraignment Thursday to face charges that he committed sex  crimes against a child in Wake County.

James Artis Johnson is charged with statutory rape and sexual offense against a minor.

The alleged offenses happened over a span of several years, sheriff's deputies said.

The victim knew Johnson, they said.

Johnson was held Wednesday night in the Wake County Jail under $1 million bond.

His first court appearance was scheduled for Thursday.


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  • Concerned Mar 7, 2008

    Put this pervert out of his misery. Not only did he rape and molest, he preyed upon a child he was clearly related to, which is dispicable.

  • jackadoo Mar 6, 2008

    winston, that is not what blackdog was referencing...at least he did not put what he said in that context.

  • jackadoo Mar 6, 2008

    RB, "the education system has failed". The education system had no more to do with this than the water shortage does. Society has failed to properly identify, and punish these perps, and parents have failed at proper parenting in these cases. Real simple.

  • mmania Mar 6, 2008


    Exactly!!!! Children have parents, the school system has nothing to do with this. Too many people think the school system, their church, neighbors, law enforcement and everyone but the parents should be raising kids. That's a load of bull.
    This man preyed upon a child and he should be put under the jail for the rest of his natural life because once a predator always a predator.

  • Concerned Mar 6, 2008

    Where were the parents while all of this was taking place? What is more important than making sure that your child(ren) is safe? If these parents neglected this child, they need to be jailed!

  • ptahandatum Mar 6, 2008

    Zeus will take this child into his care, and deal with this man too.

  • Winston Mar 6, 2008

    People, blackdog was referrring to the grammatical errors in the reporting. "an acquainted with Johnson"

  • babyluv Mar 6, 2008

    yeah what does the school system have to do w/this...This sounds like they were well acquainted w/each other...as the article states the incidents happened over a year....this is horrible however was this a young teenager just hot in the pants and knew full well what she was doing or encouraged to do or did this person delibertly seek out a minor....gross either way

  • lovinlife2010 Mar 6, 2008

    SERIOUSLY ... how sick do you have to be?? I think that if we had more serious and humiliating punishments for people like this, it would happen LESS!! Make him put on a t-shirt or hold up a sign that says "i like to have sex with children" and make him walk around a public area around people so that others can stare and laugh at him!

  • ratherbnnc Mar 6, 2008

    This is what makes me think the education system has failed...

    explain to me what the education system has to do with this? What? the school arent teaching pedophiles not to be pedophiles or the school arent teaching the kids how to watch out for pedophiles? This seems like a parent responsibility to me!!