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Wake man accused of cheating mother out of home

Posted February 18, 2011
Updated February 19, 2011

— A Wake County man was arrested Thursday and charged with tricking his mother out of her home, according to an arrest warrant.

Otis Mims, 70, of 6401 Mims Road in Holly Springs, was charged with exploiting the trust of a disabled or elderly person. He is out of jail on a $50,000 bond.

Investigators with the Wake County Sheriff's Office said Mims used "trickery" to get his 90-year-old mother to sign over the deed to her property to him. The transaction occurred between November 2008 and last March, according to a warrant.

Mims held the signed deed for months before recently filing it with the Wake County Register of Deeds, according to investigators.

Julia Mae Mims had no intention of signing her land, valued at $460,000, over to her son, investigators said.


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  • pearsonjohnny Feb 24, 2011

    lets not jump to conclusions,if u have the nerve, or want to know the truth ask otis,he is a very easy person to talk with.im sure his motive was not need or greed.lets see who iniated the action against him. lets see if that person or persons gets the property and how long it will stay in the family.this is about some one wanting something they did not earn.otis farmed that land forever and provided a good liveing for his mom and family.when its all said and done i hope otis will win, and counter sue the culprits for humiliateing him.

  • braddavis Feb 22, 2011


    Otis does have some property of his own though, assuming this is the same Otis Mims.

  • braddavis Feb 22, 2011

    Otis looks good for 70!!!!

  • jbhoneydo Feb 22, 2011

    If he had her sign it over to him under "trickery", for whatever reason, he is still wrong. For him to do what he did, he should have been her power of attorney. I am in a similar situation right now. I am a disabled person. I have a son and his new girl friend who used pure trickery on me and got way over $100,000 in cash from me and bought themselves a house with it. They said they would give it back in five days because there loan was approved but there banker was on vacation, but that was a lie and I they left me along with my money. I lost so much more that my money. I lost my grandson, my son, my daughter in law, a family way of life, and my hope. They knew I was going to use that money that was left by my deceased husband, to have surgery and also move, and now I know they had a plan all along to steal it. And where I live, they won't do anything about it. I just heard thattoday

  • pearsonjohnny Feb 22, 2011

    u all got it wrong,the man did not take his moms land,he was attempting to save it from other greedy people,such as realestate hounds who have been after the land for some time.he did not try to take his moms home.why should he when he owns several him self.if the investigation is done with fairness u will see who the culprits are that made charge. that land has been in the family along time, if it gets in the wrong hands the land will be lost and money spent in less than a year.fight otis to save ur family history. if want know the truth ask the man.

  • hellorhighwaters Feb 18, 2011

    Man...what is wrong with this man (boy in a mans' body)?
    Why do this to your Mother?
    The bible says, 'Honor thy mother and thy father that your days will be long'.
    He must have not read that or/and was not told that.
    And don't he not think that because his mother is 90 years old that no one or nobody will ever know what he did, or what his true intensions were.
    There is always one person who knows.......

    Makes you go...Huh! Doesn't it?

  • 6079 SMITH W Feb 18, 2011

    Say it ain't so, Otis. ;)

  • imdicktrickle Feb 18, 2011

    Huh? Was he on her account? She's 90 years old.

  • TeresaBee Feb 18, 2011

    To think at 70 yrs. old to manipulate his mother. Shame on him!

  • randleman1972 Feb 18, 2011

    Wow, The woman was 90 years old. Couldn't he just wait a little longer? I mean really.....