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Wake magnet schools begin accepting applications

Posted January 14, 2013

— The application process begins Monday for parents who want their children to attend magnet schools, early college and leadership academies in Wake County.

There are 39 magnet schools in Wake County that offer 17 different themes. These programs place an emphasis on science, math, leadership and foreign languages.

But the competition to enroll is stiff – less than 50 percent of those who apply are actually assigned to a magnet schools.

"Kindergarten is the best year to apply because that's when we have the most seats open,” said Tamini Anderson Powell, director of magnet and curriculum enhancement programs for Wake County public schools. “Then again, sixth grade and ninth grade are where people make different choices and transitions, and those are also good years to apply."

To apply for a magnet school, students must currently attend a Wake County school or be registered with the county.

Rising sixth- and ninth- graders currently enrolled in a magnet school will need to apply to advance to the next magnet school. They may rank the leadership academies and early colleges along with their magnet choices. Students can rank up to five schools.

If a younger brother or sister wants to attend the same magnet school as an older sibling, parents must fill out an application for the sibling.

The application deadline is Jan. 25.


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  • JustAName Jan 15, 2013

    As someone who attend the magnet programs, it does nothing for home based kids. The classes are either advanced or remedial (and that's being generous).

    But, so much for equal schooling for all. If you don't get into a magnet program, you might not get the opportunity to take some non-core classes because they won't be offered at your school.

  • cjw6105 Jan 14, 2013

    The arrogance from comments like the one from birkie74693 is sickening.

    I opposed magnet schools for over 30 years because they were used primarily as a tool to racially balance the Wake schools. Students from certain areas were forced to attend these schools, with no alternative choice except leave the system. Often these forced assignments were far from home, as was the case in my neighborhood. The kids bused there were generally "thrown away" if they weren't AG; birkie's "farmhands".

    And when the magnets were filled with involuntary students, many students who wanted slots were denied. This was used by school administrators to try and convince the voting public that more magnets were needed, i.e. another billion dollar bond issue.

    When choice briefly erupted, magnet applications went way down because attendance was voluntary. This alarmed the WCPSS, and they immediately slammed the new board and convinced the public that THEY, not parents, knew what was best for their kids.

  • birkie74693 Jan 14, 2013

    I love to see it--all the demiliterate hill folk screeching because there are a few schools for children who CAN exceed the ordinary in Wake county. I've watched magnet schools for almost 20 years and they're an incredible success for a large number of children. Those of you who oppose them, don't be so upset because SOME children can be educated. Your children will still make perfectly good farmhands and janitors and waiters.

  • Hill55 Jan 14, 2013

    when I read the headline, the first thing I thought of was THE Rev. Barber. and lo and behold, the very first comment is right there. @bull, for 30 years, America has educated its children to be the same, and look where we are. High unemployment for the younger aged groups and seniors continuing to work. see the correlation?

  • BigSteamnTurd Jan 14, 2013

    Totally agree with you papppy, I hear that many will not support the bond. Myself included. We're tired of the lies and being ignored and until things change, and that absolutely means the faces currently sitting in charge of spending that bond money, we are going to keep voting no.

  • NiceNSmooth Jan 14, 2013

    WCPSS has yet to open the magnet application ... website says it will not open until this afternoon

  • pappybigtuna1 Jan 14, 2013

    Bull you sounds a bit like you feel that the playing field is not level
    This is what people voted for - the seeds were planted and the crops are coming in

    Brought to you directly from the useless school board of wake county

    More bussing is the answer


  • BigSteamnTurd Jan 14, 2013

    Always good to see the have's against the have nots this time of year. Magnet gifts for all the lucky little kids.

    The few that can get in that is.