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Wake growth task force meets for first time

Posted June 19, 2008
Updated June 20, 2008

— A panel tasked with evaluating Wake County's needs during tremendous population growth met for the first time on Thursday evening.

The Wake County Growth Issues Task Force is charged with studying countywide growth issues and strategies to cope with them, as well as making recommendations to municipal and county governing boards.

GITF, comprising municipal representatives, will meet monthly and should complete its work by January 2009.

In 2007, more than 38,800 people moved to Wake, making it the nation's seventh-fastest-growing county, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Between April 2000 and July 2007, Wake gained more than 205,000 residents, bringing its population to 832,970.


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  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Jun 20, 2008

    I'll bet that the study will reflect the beliefs of Mayor Meeker of Meekerville.

    The study will recommend raising taxes to fund Mayor Meeker's socialist agenda. It will recommend building no more roads. It will recommend building a train so that Mayor Meeker can drive it and blow the whistle as often as he wants. It will recommend no more building of homes and that all new development must be small condos in downtown Meekerville.

  • whatelseisnew Jun 20, 2008


    Other than the Mayor and other people that are getting rich from this, who else is clamoring for growth?

  • bl86 Jun 20, 2008

    I think a good solution to both help the state budget and help slow the growth with so many outsiders moving into the state would be to get the state of NC to pass a "Yankee Tax". If an outsider moves into NC they must pony up $100,000.00 and then another $10,000.00 each year they live in NC. Adjust both for future for inflation as well. I like it-The North Carolina Yankee Tax.

    Billy MacArthur

  • readme Jun 20, 2008

    You can be sure whatever they do will not make anyone happy. Talk about a no-win situation. People in this city want growth so their home prices will rise. Then they want to fight growth so traffic and schools won't be overcrowded. Then we have a zillion illegal aliens that come, and no practical policies for preventing them from renting or working here. We don't want to raise taxes to pay for anything, and the government is wasting a lot of the money it already has. Good luck!

  • WRALwontdeletemyaccount Jun 20, 2008

    Gee...such a PROACTIVE step (not).

    It's the definition of shutting the barn door after the horse has left.

  • bs101fly Jun 20, 2008

    what do you bet there's a realtor on board AND that they won't DARE suggest the people MOVING HERE foot a larger bill!
    and heaven knows don't dare ask the builders and developers.
    can't have that!

  • hkypky Jun 20, 2008

    Way too little, way too late.

  • Fun Jun 20, 2008

    Oh I bet it's safe to say that those on this "task force" were screened to insure support of the current regime in Meekerville.

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Jun 20, 2008

    This is a case of trying to close the barn door after the horse has already gotten out.

  • whatelseisnew Jun 20, 2008

    What do you think the chances are that their recommendations will be to raise taxes? I would love to see them recommend that the growth be controlled so that we can mitigate some of the stresses that are brought on by growing to fast.