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Wake GOP opposing school, transportation bonds

Posted August 21, 2013

— The Wake County Republican Party announced Wednesday that it would oppose two local bond referendums this fall.

Raleigh officials want to borrow $75 million to undertake 14 roadway improvements, sidewalk upgrades and some traffic calming projects.

According to a release from Wake County Republican Party Chairwoman Donna Williams, the party's executive committee was concerned with Raleigh's "continued accumulation of debt." So, the Wake GOP Executive Committee voted overwhelmingly to oppose the Raleigh transportation bonds.

Wake County voters also will decide on $810 million school construction bond this fall. The money would pay for 16 new schools, fund several major renovations and upgrade technology and security.

In the GOP press release, the party took aim at the school's board, saying that the Democratic majority has not been transparent. 

"It is not the buildings we need as much as more oversight of land purchases, better and less expensive school construction and better use of existing facilities," reads the party's news release. "The Wake County school board must do a far better job of providing maximum value and better stewardship of our school children’s money."

Despite school board offices being putatively nonpartisan, struggles between Republicans and Democrats over management of Wake County schools have been a fixture of county politics in recent years. At the General Assembly this summer, the Republican-controlled Wake County Board of Commissioners tried to persuade lawmakers to strip the school board of its ability to build and manage school buildings.


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  • IPayYouPay Aug 23, 2013

    Our Republican governor has not been transparent either with those 2 BIG RAISES HE JUST GAVE OUT.

    Oh, wait, I get it. If he wants it, he does it, no questions asked and no "transparency" there. But if someone else wants it, they don't get it because he didn't want it.

    I will be VOTING FOR the refendums for education come time to vote. He wont' be able to say I don't care about education. He couldn't care less.

  • downtowner Aug 22, 2013

    Tell NoTimeForStupidity my neighbor is voting YES. We're ahead again and I won't hold it against you, you can use the paved roads and schools too.

  • WralCensorsAreBias Aug 22, 2013

    "If you're against the bonds, leave the county. Wake county needs new schools."

    No thanks. I'll stay and vote no. Tell downtowner my neighbor is voting no. We're even again.

    You should try visiting all the year round schools that have empty seats and count those seats. Then count the empty trailers we paid for. Once you have some facts to work with come back and tell us something else you don't know.

  • ConservativeVoter Aug 22, 2013

    They need to a superintendent of school that is a business person. We don't need a educator who's more interested in protecting the status quo instead of making the needed changes to fix our failing schools.

  • ConservativeVoter Aug 22, 2013

    The first need to make all schools mandatory year round. That will add about 20 to 30% capacity to schools that aren't already year round.

    Currently our non myr sit idle and unused 3 months a year.

  • rand321 Aug 22, 2013

    The General Assembly should have passed a STATEWIDE law exempting public school construction from sales and use taxes. Did the GOP leg legislation do that to lower school construction costs? NO

    But the Wake GOP is on to something. New homes should be taxed with impact fees to build new schools and public facilities. All schools should be mandatory year round schools to reduce the numbers needed.

    The way the Wake GOP sees it, we should raise taxes every year to pay for what new schools and costs are needed, but they are calling the need for higher taxes for those who live and own property in Wake County.

    GOP alternative for school construction = higher taxes!

  • downtowner Aug 22, 2013

    "You vote yes, I'll vote no and we'll leave it up to the next guy." -angry dude

    I'm the next guy. Voting YES!

  • amw1174 Aug 22, 2013

    let's think about this. If you're against the bonds, leave the county. Wake county needs new schools. Please visit any school in NW Raleigh if you are curious about how crowded they are. The Wake GOP should not be weighing in on this; it simply is not a political issue. You don't like the taxes? Move. Those of us who support Wake county schools KNOW this is a NEED, not a want. The GOP has no right to decide which children deserve an education and which do not.

  • babedan Aug 22, 2013

    radioted - sure this is a liberal slant on science. They will do anything they can to destroy the creator of the universe. Not only that but you ever heard of "Global Warming" That has been refuted by numerous scientist but the liberal media and press keep pushing it. Why? MONEY, The more Science can say this is going to harm you or that will be the end of society if you don't fix it the more money they bring in. All the talk about the O-Zone being depleted in the 70's gave way to the truth that lightening replenishes it each and every time it flashes.

  • babedan Aug 22, 2013

    miseem, as one who is qualified to handle multi-million dollar construction contract and administrate them flawlessley, I can tell you when the board directs you to use a certain company, at a certain location and that company knows how much you have to spend so they can get every dime, then the company knows the drawings and specifications are mess up so there will have to be more money for modifications, then the board has a tremendous amount of say so in the final product. Micro-management isn't necessary to mis-manage a project, or to help a friend.