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Wake Forest woman pleads guilty to boyfriend's stabbing death

Posted March 18, 2014

— A woman who stabbed her 23-year-old boyfriend to death at their Wake Forest apartment last year could be out of prison in as early as four months under a plea deal reached Tuesday with Wake County prosecutors.

Krystal Terin Delgado, 28, was sentenced to 16 to 29 months in prison – with credit for time served – after she pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter for the death of Dorian Kwame Cunningham.

Police were called to their apartment on the evening of March 6, 2013, after a 911 caller told authorities that Cunningham tripped over a pile of clothes and fell onto a knife that was sticking out of a box.

Investigators initially ruled Cunningham's death accidental but later charged Delgado with first-degree murder.

She later changed her claim, saying she acted in self-defense.

Wake County Assistant District Attorney Travis Wiggs said the couple had been drinking that night as they were preparing to move out of their Main Street apartment when Cunningham started pushing, smacking and choking Delgado.

"She told Dorian to stay away from her, and at that point, Dorian came at her and she stabbed him one time in the chest," Wiggs told Superior Court Judge Donald Stephens.

Cunningham died from a single stab wound to the left ventricle of his heart, according to an autopsy report. Toxicology reports also showed a blood alcohol level of .287 in his bloodstream, which Wiggs said indirectly contributed to his death.

Mike Howell, Delgado's defense attorney, said Cunningham was repeatedly abusive – with police being called by neighbors to the couple's apartment 12 times in the year prior for disturbances.

"But she wouldn't come clean with police about the domestic violence," Howell said. "She was scared. She had become accustomed to not calling 911."

She was devastated when police told her that Cunningham had died.

"She just became hysterical and inconsolable," Howell said. "She fell to the floor, just hollering."

Speaking at Delgado's sentencing, Cunningham's mother, Desiree Cunningham, refuted the defense and prosecution's claims of domestic abuse, saying it was Delgado who routinely abused her son.

"He's not a monster. He wasn't perfect, but he was my son," Desiree Cunningham said. "She took my son, and she's still lying on him. It's not right. She's not a victim."


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  • 678devilish Mar 19, 2014

    4 months is all she got. WOW! But she is not going to have much of a life. Its going to be hard for her to obtain a job with this kind of record.

  • dwr1964 Mar 18, 2014

    More proof that a gun is not needed to commit murder.

  • luxurytravel Mar 18, 2014

    LOL - he tripped over a pile of clothes and fell onto a knife that was sticking out of it. Seriously? Doesn't lying to the police come with a charge of it's own?

  • JAT Mar 18, 2014

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    these 2 had a history. zimmerman and martin did not. it was really just a matter of who was going to kill the other first. the only thing good is that at least the cops won't have to visit their house anymore and maybe the neighbors can get some sleep.

  • Arthur Raleigh Mar 18, 2014
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    She pleaded guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

  • lasm Mar 18, 2014

    It's amazing to me that some people do not understand that, no matter what, women (nor men) have to allow someone to abuse them. Yes, she stayed with him, evidently, after other beatings and/or abuse. However, her decision to defend herself should not have a time limit or only happen after a certain number of occurrences (I would have grabbed that knife the FIRST time). Let's see how long it would take some of the posters here to defend themselves if someone knocked the !*!*! out of them. Self defense is self defense. Also, most people convicted of involuntary man-slaughter don't serve ONE day. They usually get probation.

  • LetsBeFair Mar 18, 2014

    pretty woman, hope she can get past all this and become a better person.

  • ncmedic201 Mar 18, 2014

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    Did you seriously just blame her for the domestic abuse? And you wonder why more victims of abuse don't come forward.

  • Obamacare rises again Mar 18, 2014

    She has a very evil look about her and I personally won't feel safe once she's allowed to mingle again with the rest of society.

  • kavalonthatsme Mar 18, 2014

    http://mugshots.com/US-Counties/Georgia/DeKalb-County-GA/Dorian-Cunningham.1349834.html A previous arrest for battery.