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Wake Forest student seen in fight claimed to be victim of racial bullying

Posted March 6

— Students at Wake Forest High School staged sit-ins and protests Monday in support of a classmate who was suspended after a video surfaced of the teen pulling another student to the ground.

The video, posted to Instagram on Friday, shows Micah Speed, a black student, pull a white student to the ground before a teacher steps in to break up the altercation.

Wake County district officials say they are investigating, but many students believe Speed was wrongly punished.

Speed said at the time of the altercation, he'd been the target of racial slurs and derogatory comments for two months.

"Actually, that day he told me I should name my kids crack head and convict because that's what they would grow up to be," he said.

Speed said the other student threatened to harm his mother and his sister and followed him out of the classroom. Speed said he let the other student walk away, and the other student responded by using a racial slur.

"A lot of people know me and know that I like to avoid confrontation," Speed said.

Yolanda Speed, Micah's mother, said she does not condone fighting, but wants teachers and administrators to be held accountable.

"People are under the assumption that it was ok for him to put his hands on that young man. It was never ok," Yolanda Speed said. "But you have to understand that there is always going to be a reaction to an action."

A petition circulating online defends the student who pulled the other to the ground and demands alleged bullying and racism be addressed by the school.

"At the end of the day, [Micah] has to take responsibility for what he did, but then when you continue on to have these issues going on in a classroom and it's not taken care of, that's my problem," Yolanda Speed said.


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  • Anita Gibson Mar 7, 1:39 p.m.
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    There seems to be a huge difference in how things are handled today. My daughter is now 30 and was the victim of an older bully. When it finally culminated in a physical.altercation (she kicked him for tearing her dress half off) swift action was taken against the boy. Fast forward til today. Her son was a victim and the teacher knew it. Saw and heard it every day but did nothing to stop it. We didn't know, no one told us. When he finally snapped and yelled at the kid to leave him aline HE was the one punished, not the bully. In this boys case I'd love to know if it had been the other way around and the white boy pulled him to the ground would he have received the same punishment? On another news site I read some of the most hateful comments directed at this kid and his family. These people didn't even know them, called him horrid names and saying the mom had no right to even move her family there looking for a better life. Very disturbing.

  • Travis Perry Mar 7, 12:14 p.m.
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    I am not so sure we are a nation of civility. Have you not seen the news about all of the "protest" around the country. Also, you can push a good person to their breaking point. Which could be the case here.

  • Mike Trekker Mar 7, 10:56 a.m.
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    In today's environment you CANNOT resort to physical retribution. We are a nation of civility you cannot resolve issues in a physical manner.

  • Travis Perry Mar 7, 7:23 a.m.
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    I guess the question that needs to be answered is did any teachers of administrators know of the bullying? If so, (which is very possible), then they do need to be held accountable if nothing was done to stop it. You can only take so much before one does seek recourse.