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Police: Girl's claim that stranger made her swallow pills unsubstantiated

Posted February 6, 2015

— Police said Friday that they have closed their investigation into a Wake Forest girl's claim last month that an unidentified man forced her to swallow pills.

"Police officials say they made the decision to cease the investigation at the insistence of the alleged victim's family members and after investigators were unable to substantiate the juvenile's story," town communications director Bill Crabtree said in a news release.

The 13-year-old girl reported on the evening of Jan. 26 that a masked man wearing dark clothing approached her near the intersection of Jones Dairy Road and Green Mountain Drive and told her to take an unknown quantity of pills.

Police said the girl reported swallowing the pills and then ran to a nearby home for help. She was taken to a local hospital and released the next morning.

Crabtree said Friday that a toxicology test found no presence of drugs or medications in her blood.

The claim came on the heels of several other reports of someone approaching young children and trying to persuade them to leave with him.

Each of the cases involved two men and a gray or silver work van or SUV.

Detectives have not made any arrests in those cases and ask that anyone with information that could help in their investigation to call the Wake Forest Police Department at 919-554-6150.


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  • 50s Child Feb 7, 2015

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    For starters, we could stop incessantly referring to them as "little" girls, even when they're 13 and menstruating. You can't call them toddlers and then "hold them accountable."

  • mbztla Feb 7, 2015

    Don't fall for the news story sensationalism. The police never said it was not true. Unsubstantiated, meaning nothing was found either way, the parents saw no reason to keep an investigation open that would not lead to an arrest. They had no more leads, period. The parents saw no reason to subject their daughter to repeated questioning after she had already provided multiple interviews and cooperated with investigators. There comes a point where no leads are found and no identifying evidence is available to pursue a perpetrator.
    Toxicology is only run for certain drugs. This doesnt mean she wasnt given sugar pills in a sick prank. Masked man (nothing to identify), security footage that could not see the area in question, and a child who I am sure is going through hell over this. If she was found to be lying, you better be sure they would have gone after her. The parents want to move on, nothing to go on, and want their child to put it behind them and begin healing

  • Scott Householder Feb 7, 2015
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    Our Public (Liberal) School System at work..everyone's a winner...AND a VICTIM. Geeshh SMH

  • Scott Householder Feb 7, 2015
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    Glink in the eye...CHECK
    Certain way they smile...CHECK
    Pink shoes...NOT SO MUCH

  • venomous Feb 7, 2015

    Looks like this girl is not the sharpest crayon in the box.

  • Steve Clark Feb 7, 2015
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    I agree with everyone else here. There HAS to be consequences. I don't think Filing a False Police report is enough, but I suspect that's all that would be possible. And YES, the girl can get the 'help she needs' as part of her sentence; along with a stiff fine and LOTS of Community Service hours.

    I would like to (mildly) applaud WRAL for actually printing this story. As, yes_I_am_wade pointed out, this is Almost ALWAYS a woman (or teen girl), and VERY Rarely (read 'never') is the female held accountable. And equally rarely does the media even report that the Alleged Victim's claim was false (and NEVER releasing her name, even when she's an adult).

    This will NEVER stop until 'wolf-cryers' are held accountable!

  • LovemyPirates Feb 6, 2015

    delilahk2000 - please stop shouting and learn to spell.

  • RB Redmond Feb 6, 2015
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    Ok, sure. So who then do you know who to believe? Will they have a certain glint in their eye, a certain way they smile, will they be wearing pink shoes?

    The best policy when it comes to young children claiming abuse is to believe them and then investigate it.

  • LetsBeFair Feb 6, 2015

    could have asked anyone ... poor kid had issues.

  • death from above Feb 6, 2015

    People need to wake up. Just because a child says it, Does not mean its true, there are so many grown looking children now days trying to act grown as well. Before i get a hill of grief over this "yes i know not all " but enough to make L.E.A's jobs harder then need be.