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Wake Forest ordinance bans skateboards, skates from downtown

Posted March 20, 2013


— The Wake Forest Town Council on Tuesday approved an ordinance banning skateboards, roller skates and almost anything with wheels from sidewalks and roadways in the downtown district.

Skateboarders at the Delicious Skateboard Shop said they were disappointed but not surprised by the decision.

"I knew that they had just redone a bunch of stuff in downtown Wake Forest, like sidewalks and stuff like that, and had been building things," said Grayson Nance. "I knew they'd probably do something, at least be a little tighter about it."

The ordinance, which takes effect immediately, also bans tricycles, scooters, in-line skates and anything that moves by "human power."

There are exceptions. Bicycles, wheelchairs, wagons and rickshaws are allowed in the area.

skateboards Skaters bummed about Wake Forest ban

Town leaders say the new rules are about safety, but they will also prevent property damage to downtown businesses.

But skaters say they'll miss street skating.

"Street skating is awesome. You get to be creative," said Kyle Goetchius. "You get to find objects and obstacles that normally you won't find in a park."

"It's kind of sad," added Joseph Ovalle. "That's pretty much where I learned all my tricks, you know, but I don't want to get in trouble, so I probably won't do it."


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  • mrday69 Mar 28, 2013

    In other news...Wake Forest bans anything that might make kids fat because they can no longer exercise with their skateboards.

  • btneast Mar 22, 2013

    A few bad ones ruin it for all."

    Skateboarders or councilmen?


  • goldenosprey Mar 22, 2013

    "A few bad ones ruin it for all."

    Skateboarders or councilmen?

  • momeeee Mar 22, 2013

    A few bad ones ruin it for all.

  • btneast Mar 22, 2013

    So how many people are getting hurt each weak?

    Fyi, its "week". Probably very few getting hurt, because no one will walk where skateboarders are doing their thing, which is the whole problem. The downtown area is congested and there is not enough space for shoppers to walk around skateboarders.

  • btneast Mar 22, 2013

    Yet, those are illegal in WF?

    NO, it is not illegal in WF, JUST in the very samll downtown area. Skateboarding is banned in most shpping centers for the same reason, shoppers walking the sidewalks and skateboarders don't mix well.

  • Red Green Mar 21, 2013

    “So, the self-absorbed attitude of the old grumpy people resulted in banning all of the undesirables.” paulej

    How many other people doing how many other things NEED to do their thing right where pedestrians are trying to walk? Cruising is one thing, stunts are another. I don’t ride my bike or perform stunts on the sidewalk or around pedestrians, why should they? What you fail to see is that it’s the stunts and the liabilities that the town has issue with. I am an outdoors type person and I do my activities where they are appropriate. If the skating crowd were mindful of others in the area and would limit their stunts to where they were more appropriate like any other person enjoying an activity maybe they wouldn’t cast a negative image of themselves and would be better tolerated so let me reiterate, they ruined it for themselves with their self-absorbed attitude.

  • Lovemy2kids Mar 21, 2013

    I think the kids who ride should look up the address of all the board members and start riding their skateboards down their streets. Of course the kids will not be breaking any law because not the first board member lives inside the "downtown district". They keep taking all the kids rights away and the crime rate will explode..... Remember these are the same "jokers" that approved bow hunting inside the city limits.

  • Alexia.1 Mar 21, 2013

    '"So how many people are getting hurt each weak?"

    No idea but it only takes one. This is a proactive measure to prevent any issues.' --Holy Carp.

    Perhaps there is another issue with society. If a person falls down skating, it's not society's fault. People skate at their own risk and if they hurt themselves, that's their problem.

  • Alexia.1 Mar 21, 2013

    "The real question is where does this self-absorbed attitude end?" --Ole Glory

    I think you've asked the right question. Why is it that somebody else can be downtown doing one thing, but somebody else cannot?

    As I see it, the old grumpy people of the town just don't want to see and hear all of the kids playing and having fun.

    Seriously, this law strikes me as unbelievable. I many cities around the world, people wear roller blades. In Europe, one can usually find at least one or two people who commute to work on roller blades. Yet, those are illegal in WF?

    So, the self-absorbed attitude of the old grumpy people resulted in banning all of the undesirables.