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Wake Forest man charged in fatal wreck released on bond

Posted September 9, 2009

— A Wake Forest man charged in a fatal wreck over the weekend was released on bond Wednesday morning.

Christopher Philip May, 21, of 3616 Coach Lantern Ave., is charged with driving while impaired, driving left of center and felony death by motor vehicle.

Authorities said May was driving a 2008 black Honda Civic east on Ligon Mill Road near Greenville Loop when he drifted into the oncoming lane and collided with another car. Matthew Lyle Achterman, 23, a passenger in May's car, was killed.

May and a second passenger were injured in the wreck. No one in the other car was hurt.

His parents put their house up as collateral to post his $50,000 bond and get him released from jail.


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  • Space Mountain Sep 9, 2009

    I don't think the guy should be out of jail because his actions did kill someone. But I don't know why people would ride with someone that has been drinking.

  • Dave Green Sep 9, 2009

    I would have let him rot in the jail.

  • freedomrings Sep 9, 2009

    God forbid this kid actually have to spend a few nights in jail. This story speaks volumes in itself.

  • ranquick Sep 9, 2009

    DO you know why druck seem to never die in crashes...becasue in most case they are so relaxed they do not tense up when they see impact coming, that is why many crash victims get injured or die the brace for impact, druck do not

  • alx Sep 9, 2009

    Was his victim released on bond? i thought not. Has he expressed remorse & offered restitution? i thought not. Just mommy & daddy cleaning up after their kid once again.

  • ranquick Sep 9, 2009

    The parents must really love this guy, too many kids have ran on thewir parents and left them out ion cold, I would never do it, not my house, my kids knows you do something wrong and you will have to pay.

  • MileageWarrior Sep 9, 2009

    this story has nothing to do with Eddie. This dude killed a passenger in his own car over the weekend.

  • intuit Sep 9, 2009

    These parents should be locked up.

  • colliedave Sep 9, 2009

    His parents put their house up as collateral to post his $50,000 bond and get him released from jail.

    sounds as if they are continuing to enable bad behavior

  • spiritualexplorer Sep 9, 2009

    I knew Eddie Ogburn, and this guy shouldn't be out on bond either.

    If you KILL someone because you are drunk driving, you SHOULD NOT be allowed to bond out and have the chance to KILL again before your trial!!!!!

    Why can't it just be the STUPID drunk drivers that die in the accidents? Why, why, why??