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Wake deputy charged with embezzlement

Posted April 8, 2011

— A Wake County deputy was charged Friday with stealing drugs and money from the department, authorities said.

Balinda Manley, 34, of 8401 Falcon Crest Circle in Angier, was charged with two counts of embezzlement and one count of possession with intent to sell and deliver marijuana.

Irregularities were uncovered during a routine evidence audit, and Sheriff Donnie Harrison asked the State Bureau of Investigation to look into the situation. The investigation is ongoing, authorities said.

The embezzlement charges involve 80 grams of marijuana and $6,433 in cash, authorities said.

Manley has been with the sheriff's office since April 2004.


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  • jasonvo10 Apr 11, 2011

    The sheriff initiated the investigation to maintain the standard expected of Leo. Almost a thousand employees and one bad Apple in how long? Get real people. She's not guilty yet but if she is she hardly represents the other 99% of Leo.

  • deputydog1296 Apr 11, 2011


  • Charlestongirl Apr 8, 2011

    Remember that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

  • whitleyconnie Apr 8, 2011

    I understand everyone's frustration and disappointment over this story-but please remember it is just that:a story! She is innocent until proven guilty as would be you and I. I don't know her personally, but witnessed her save my life and the life of numerous customers in a convenience store about ten years ago when she was a police officer. An emotionally disturbed individual welding a knife wanted to hurt all of us and she not only protected us but talked that person into giving up the knife. No one was hurt and it was text book police work. That doesn't make her innocent tonight but it darn sure makes her innocent until proven guilty in my book. And if proven guilty I would still remember that great officer that saved all those lives that day only to have something seriously personal trip her up years later. Officer Maneley you will always have my admiration for all the good you've done in your life and my support when life's bumps trip your path.

  • what_in_the____ Apr 8, 2011

    Thanks for your 7 years of service and ending your career being a felon, way to go!

  • tar97heel Apr 8, 2011

    "What's happening? Carteret County's ex-Sheriff and his 2nd in command in federal prison, and another one going down in this one"

    What's happening? Nothing new. People bring people. What's new is that citizens are finally realizing that good ol Uncle LEO is as dirty and corrupt as anybody else. They are people, and if you think they're better than that and deserve respect, think again

  • darkhorse94 Apr 8, 2011

    Ok people embezzle all the time, and that is one crime; let's say you needed money and wanted to get high as well. Now this woman didnt stop there, she also was attempting to sell the weed she stole? MO MONEY, MO MONEY MO MONEY! Greed will take you farther than you want to go, keep you longer than you want stay, and cost you more than you want to pay.

  • Dale Apr 8, 2011

    Good, lock'em up!

  • nanasix Apr 8, 2011

    What's happening? Carteret County's ex-Sheriff and his 2nd in command in federal prison, and another one going down in this one. I'm glad I was raised during a time when LEO could be trusted and respected. Please remember, it doesn't matter if it's a small business, big corporations, federal, city or state gov't, you always have the Good, the Bad and the indifferent. We just have to get through it and eliminate the Bad. I remember back in the early 80's the Chief of Police in Ports. Va. was convicted and sent to prison. I remember telling a Capt. with the dept. it was going to happen, and he told me I was crazy, there was no way...well it did, we got rid of the bad.

  • mikeyj Apr 8, 2011

    N B C nighly news last night did a blip on the corruption with the border security agents and how cartels are and have gone so far a to send their nationals through and complete training. So much for Positive ID's and thurough background checks hey. HEY MR. PRESIDENT: All enemies foreign and domestic! TREASON