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Wake deputies seize 51 pounds of meth in traffic stop

Posted October 11, 2013

— The Wake County Sheriff’s Office stopped a speeding car on Interstate 40 in Cary shortly after midnight Friday and discovered 51 pounds of methamphetamine in 16 packages. The driver and two passengers were arrested.

The sheriff’s office estimated the street value of the drug seizure at nearly $7 million.

Moise Orduno, 34, of Houston, Amall Judeth Murillo, 21, of Gwinnett, Ga., and Sandra Danissa Hernandez Crisostomo, 22, of Norcross, Ga., were arrested and booked in the Wake County jail. The were each charged with two counts of trafficking in methamphetamine and one count of conspiracy.

Traffic stop leads to big meth bust Traffic stop leads to big meth bust

The sheriff’s office said a deputy stopped a 2008 black Honda Accord with a Georgia license plate that was speeding on eastbound I-40 near the Harrison Avenue exit. The driver had no license.

Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison said his deputies detected the nervousness of the people in the car and decided to investigate. A canine unit was called to the scene, and a police dog alerted deputies to the presence of drugs. A search turned up the methamphetamine.

"You think it is not going to happen here, and here it is in our back door," Harrison said.

He suspects the trio of being small cogs in a larger drug organization.

"Most of the time, they don't talk," he said. "More than likely, they are runners. They would have picked it up at a location, picked up the money, or the money may have already been paid."

"The cost on this stuff is hardly anything to make it, so look at the profit they are turning over," Harrison said. 

According to arrest reports, Murillo and Crisostomo both work at the same restaurant and bar in Georgia. Their relationship to Orundo was unclear.

Sheriff Harrison credits great police work as the reason this traffic stop turned into something more. "Compliment the deputies," he said. 



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  • Road-wearier Oct 16, 2013

    Speeding with no drivers license? You can't fix stupid.

  • westernwake1 Oct 11, 2013

    We have more Cop math! Don't get me wrong, it is excellent that the police got these drugs off the street. But placing absurd valuations on the value of the haul for publicity detracts from the enforcement effort.

    In Raleigh, the value of a pound of meth is about $12,000
    (source - http://www.narcoticnews.com/Meth-Prices-in-the-United-States-of-America.php )

    51 pounds x $12,000 = $612,000

    Anyone who watches Breaking Bad can tell you that placing the value of 51 pounds of Meth at 7 million dollars is completely off.

  • luvbailey Oct 11, 2013

    Speeding with drugs in the car? You can't fix stupid.

  • Whatthehey Oct 11, 2013

    Hire more K-9s!!!

  • disgusted2010 Oct 11, 2013

    IF the sheriff's office is padding the numbers they are just taking their cues from the news media, have to have hype to entertain.

  • davidgnews Oct 11, 2013

    "The sheriff’s office said a deputy stopped a 2008 black Honda Accord with a Georgia license plate that was speeding.."

    The occupants were probably 'speeding' as well.

  • connieleigh4 Oct 11, 2013

    Way to go Wake County Sheriff Office!!!!

  • Mods Hate Me Oct 11, 2013

    "Lesson learned: slow down people...it could save your life and your freedom.
    Obamacare is here
    October 11, 2013 2:46 p.m"

    Oh and also, don't traffic meth.

  • chivegas Oct 11, 2013

    Nice, speeding with 51lbs of Blue Rock Candy and no license... Talk about a life of FAIL.

  • Brian Jenkins Oct 11, 2013

    "I think it's disturbing and many of those abusing Meth started out with that so-called harmless drug, marijuana."---ncpilot2

    They started with alcohol and nicotine, but good try. Thanks for playing.