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Wake deputies searching for suspects after chase

Posted October 22, 2010

— Wake County sheriff's deputies were searching for suspects who ran after a short vehicle chase on U.S. Highway 401 early Friday.

Phyllis Stephens, a spokeswoman for the Wake County Sheriff's Office, said that deputies attempted to stop a vehicle on U.S. 401 south of Raleigh. The driver didn't stop, and deputies engaged in a short chase.

The chase ended when the driver stopped on Ileagnes Road, Stephens said. The vehicle's occupants jumped and ran. They have not been apprehended.

Stephens said investigators determined that the vehicle had been stolen.


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  • LongHorns Oct 22, 2010

    gmuny33 Garner is a dive, but south raleigh is getting a little better. The police in Raleigh get out of there car's every now and then hahaha

  • evanmullinix Oct 22, 2010

    Just to end the debate of location, the deputy attempted to stop the car on 401 in front of walmart (garner,) and the chase ended near the SPCA off tryon rd. (which I believe is Raleigh.) How do I know? It was my car. Big thanks to wake co. Sherrifs office and the rod for helping me out!

  • gmuny33 Oct 22, 2010

    I know of my area I live in, but determining the piece of land that is not clarified to be neither Raleigh nor Garner, is not very high on my list, This Guy. The point was, splitting hairs to determine such a point is more about image, or portrayal of an image. I agree, mom5kids, Crime has no zip code!!

  • heart4kids Oct 22, 2010

    North and South Raleigh are not that different. There are places in North and South Raleigh I would not go into. South Raleigh population has a higher minotiry and income level average may be lower than North Raleigh, but crime is crime. Just because this kid's parent may not be able to buy his way out does not make the crime any different. Check the incidents of people getting ganged jumped, DWI accidents, teen drugs and underaged drinking in North Raleigh. Don't forget the things the parents will not let be known publicly -lived there done that! Concern is Raleigh as a whole- Crime has no zip code!

  • ThisGuy Oct 22, 2010

    Ok. But I don't see how they are preserving an image if they are honestly telling you it happened outside city lines just south of Raleigh. Sounds more like someone is actually taking time to be correct and complete with their information.

    If you don't understand that there is an area between the cities that is not part of either city, that's just more of a reason to go and learn about the area you live in.

  • gmuny33 Oct 22, 2010

    This Guy, no I do no have the census map with me, but I'm sure in the eye of the average citizen, this is all one area as it bleeds into each other. There are lines for sure, and technically it's all Wake Co, just broken up in to cities and municipalities. Bottom line, crossing hairs to preserve an image is what is and was the most important. Just as there is a robbery of a pharmacy in Cary, and it's Wake Co., but anyone from another state, calls the entire are Raleigh, regardless of the official zoning.

  • ThisGuy Oct 22, 2010

    gmuny33, Do you realize that this may be because it happened in the area between Raleigh proper and Garner? There is actually a space between them that is not part of either city. I know for certain because my girlfriend has rental property a little farther down 401. It is considered county property.

  • 27615 Oct 22, 2010

    South Raleigh is the complete opposite of North Raleigh...

  • gmuny33 Oct 22, 2010

    You see how they say south of Raleigh, but South Saunders runs right into Garner, but I guess splitting hairs to preserve the delicate name of Raleigh is what is the best. Raleigh once again in the news, over and over and over again, and for such range of crimes. Wake Co., Garner, Cary, Raleigh, it's still the same place.