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Wake couple charged with running Cumberland gambling operation

Posted September 18, 2013

Cecil Alfred "Al" Parker Jr.

— A Cumberland County grand jury has indicted a Wake County couple on charges that they ran an illegal gambling operation in Hope Mills, authorities said Wednesday.

Cecil Alfred "Al" Parker Jr. and Cathy Parker face charges of operating a continuing criminal enterprise, operating prohibited gaming machines and conspiracy to obstruct justice.

Sheriff Earl “Moose” Butler said he expects more indictments stemming from raids and seizures that his deputies conducted on area sweepstakes parlors in recent months.

"I hope this sends the message that video poker and gambling and the other crime that these operations bring will not be tolerated in Cumberland County," Butler said in a statement, adding that the gaming parlors are “a form of organized crime, and we intend to stop them.”

The indictments charge that the Parkers and business partner Doug Guy had video poker machines and other illegal gambling devices at Oasis Sweepstakes, at 3451 Chicken Foot Road in Hope Mills, and paid cash winnings to players of the machines. The Parkers and Guy also are alleged to have tried to alter the machines to pass them off as legal online sweepstakes machines, according to the indictments.

Deputies seized 33 “Pot O’ Gold,” video poker and other gambling machines from Oasis Sweepstakes during an April 8 raid.


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  • bluecanary Sep 19, 2013

    Yeah, I get it, gambling is bad because the state gets none of the revenue...I just can't help but think about the two years that my across the street neighbors operated a crack house, with all the attendant crime in the neighborhood, and all of us stuck living in the middle of it calling the cops 10 times a day and nothing ever happened. Or the fact that I'm scared to go out for gas or groceries after dark in this town because I might get murdered. But hey, at least we're all safe from video poker!

  • davidgnews Sep 18, 2013

    They've long needed to legalize state-wide REAL gambling. They would be cleaning up at the coast and along I95. It would also create more jobs, but who cares about that? No one at 16 Jones St., that's for sure.

  • ech Sep 18, 2013

    I'm so proud of the Cumberland county sheriffs department. They have taken seriously dangerous people off of the streets with this raid on gambling parlors. It's funny though that if you go get gas at some gas stations in Fayetteville you might just get killed. Wow what management of the tax payers money to protect us.

  • LocalYokel Sep 18, 2013

    Here in NC the small crooks are arrested while the big crooks get paychecks from the government.

    The NC government will be crooked until the majority demands higher integrity and holds the government accountable. So, I guess we will always have the crooked government that we deserve. At least NC government is small, has a low tax rate, and does not interfere with our lives.

  • common tater Sep 18, 2013

    Agree with all of the above...state is a bunch of hypocrites who want to keep all the gambling income to themselves.

  • wildpig777 Sep 18, 2013

    September 18, 2013 12:53 p.m.


    No gambling.. the state government wants a monopoly on the enterprise.. only they can run the gambling.. the state hates competition...

    linspace-- I agree

  • Singlemalt Sep 18, 2013

    I am VERY pro LEO support, but geeze there are much more important crime matters to take care of.

  • Just the facts mam Sep 18, 2013

    Only the State of NC is allowed to con people out of their money. What was this couple thinking?

  • Paladin2 Sep 18, 2013

    The State is taking out the competition to its own gambling operation - the NC Education Lottery!

  • linspace Sep 18, 2013

    No gambling.. the state government wants a monopoly on the enterprise.. only they can run the gambling.. the state hates competition...