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Wake County school bus rear-ended

Posted February 9, 2011

— A Wake County school bus was involved in a wreck in Knightdale on Wednesday afternoon. 

The bus was carrying 50 students from Hodge Road Elementary School when it was rear-ended by a vehicle at the intersection of Old Faison Road and Pine Sap Lane, Wake County public schools' spokesman Greg Thomas said. 

No students were injured. 


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  • mercierarmory Feb 10, 2011

    you might want to get your details from ABC 11. They seem to know more:

    "Pictures from Chopper 11 HD showed a SUV wedged under the back of the bus and a white van showing damage where it collided with the SUV.

    The driver of the white van has been charged with having no operators license and failure to reduce to speed to avoid colliding with another vehicle."

    The van driver is foreign and has no license. Just another bad driver from south of the border.

  • alwaysamused Feb 10, 2011

    i bet a lot of these school bus wrecks are road-rage induced. i get behind at least 3 school buses on my commute to work every morning--no matter my departure time--and it's VERY frustrating. they drive below the posted speed limit (even in 45 zones), make stops literally 20 feet apart instead of making kids walk half a block, and build up lines of traffic behind them half a mile long. the other day i waited five minutes while some kid tried to get his puppy off the bus and out of the road. school buses double my commute time. i'm not saying people should wreck the buses; i'm just saying i understand the irritation that could possibly lead to an accident.

  • heels21 Feb 9, 2011

    They were probably going all the way across the county to take some kid home when he lived 1 block from a different school.

  • ddm76 Feb 9, 2011

    OMG!! Another accident involving a school bus. Where do the people around here get their DL's? I wonder if there was a cell phone involved.