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Wake County school bus driver charged in wreck

Posted May 28, 2011

— A Wake County School bus driver was charged Friday after authorities say the bus crashed into six cars and forced one vehicle to slam into a tree on Thursday afternoon.

A mother and toddler were inside the car that hit the tree, but were not seriously injured, authorities said.

Lamount Lynch, 21, of Wendell, was charged with careless and reckless driving.

Police said Lynch was traveling 55 mph down Strickland Road near West Millbrook Middle School where the posted speed limit is 35 mph.


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  • RonnieR May 30, 2011

    For those who think he is too young. Students used to drive the buses and I don't recall nearly as many crashes as I hear about now.

  • RonnieR May 30, 2011

    Did he disconnect the guvenator? School buses aren't supposed to be able to go more than 35 mph.

  • rrrrick25 May 30, 2011

    I'd like to know how that bus was doing 55 mph when they can't even do that on the high ways around here. When was the last time you were behind a bus on I40 or I440 ? I almost fell asleep we were going so slow.....

  • wdweveryyear May 30, 2011

    21 and driving a school bus???? this both shocks and saddens me

  • rnarron4 May 30, 2011

    This doesn't surprise me. The drivers I see think they own the roads. When I was in high school in the 80's, students drove buses and you didn't hear about bus accidents like you do now.


  • NC Reader May 30, 2011

    I'm sorry to hear this. I will say, though, that I hear of many more bus drivers who are fine, responsible people. We wouldn't trade ours for anything! She drives carefully and looks after the students with the same care and compassion that she would use with her own children.

  • jasdor May 30, 2011

    I am shocked that a 21 year old male is allowed to be a bus driver. I would think the minimum age would be 25 for insurance purposes. Wake County needs to seriously look into the driver hiring requirements.

  • bombayrunner May 30, 2011

    Our bus driver offered his telephone number written on a piece of paper to my daughter. Yea, school system did nothing ... called it a misunderstanding. Daughter came home crying and didn't want to ride the bus anymore.

  • bombayrunner May 30, 2011

    No duh, you should see what happens with the taxi's. Once my neighbor pulled into a gas station to find my daughter strapped inside the taxi and the driver outside making a drug deal. My neighbor took my daughter, with the threatening driver complaining. Bless my neighbor, she had guts. The driver didn't say a word. The school system didn't do anything.

  • ncguy May 30, 2011

    55? I thought the governor would only allow 45? I guess they changed that so they could drive the beltline?