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Wake County officials scheduled to debate tax increase

Posted June 28, 2014
Updated June 29, 2014

— Wake County residents could soon see a sales tax increase, creating additional revenue for teachers' salaries. 

Wake County Commissioner Caroline Sullivan says the board is scheduled to begin debating the tax increase next month. The one quarter of a cent tax would be applied to most items except food, medicine and gas. 

According to Sullivan, the tax could raise as much as $28 million for Wake County next year. 

Holly Springs Mayor Richard Sears said he hopes officials let the voters decide. 

"It may be a close vote. You've got four Republicans that are running for office and I would understand their minimal reluctance to put it on the ballot, but at the same time it doesn't cost to put it on the ballot and let the citizens decide what they want to do. I can't see the argument against that," he said.

Taxpayer Willamina O'Keeffe says she wouldn't mind paying the extra tax.

"I don't even really know what the sales tax is currently, and I would not notice an additional quarter percent," she said.

Taxpayer Jeremy McLoud questioned whether that's the best approach.

"It'd have to be a permanent thing. Otherwise, you're going to tell somebody some supplement to your income is going to go away," he said. "I mean, it sounds nice and everybody wants to pay teachers a little bit more, but is that the best way to handle that salary negotiation?"

Supporters of the tax hike would like to see the referendum on the November ballot. Officials in Mecklenburg and Guilford counties have already voted to put the tax on the ballot.



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  • proudgrandmomma Jun 30, 2014

    Do not put this burden on my back and my families backs! All these government types do is say more taxes will fix the problems but THEY NEVER DO! They need to reach across the isle for conservative ways to run things! Read my lip's: NO NEW TAxes!!!!

  • wayneboyd Jun 30, 2014

    Never in my 77 years have I seen a local, state or federal body meet where revenue is an issue and even consider that a taxpayer might need a little to keep for themselves.
    I wish I could afford to eat as well as the teacher in the left photo seems to be able to do.

  • Oldfirehorse - Dr. Disturbeded Jun 30, 2014

    It certainly doesn't qualify as a major tax hike. That said, isn't it convenient to label it as "for the teachers"? That puts a nice emotional spin on it, and of course for many, will further vilify teachers. Underpaid educators are not the reason for this tax increase! Wake up, look around, see where your county spends your money!!

  • Tom Boswell Jun 30, 2014
    user avatar

    And of course it will pass. Merrill has found his money tree. We just gave them 80% of a billion dollars and in one year they are coming back for more. They will play the child card and the voters will fall for it again and our taxes will keep going up.

  • Joseph Smith Jun 30, 2014
    user avatar

    A further assault on the middle class. Higher and higher taxes and fees. No end in sight.