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Wake County mom charged after child injured

Posted November 11, 2010

— A Wake County mother has been charged after her child was severely injured in a possible assault, according to arrest warrants filed by the sheriff's office.

Tiffany Robitalle, 23, of 1300 Farm Road, Lot #13 in Raleigh, was charged with felony neglecting child abuse involving serious bodily injury.

The warrant states that her child had broken bones, fluid on the brain and healing fractures on a rib and leg. The injuries occurred in late October. The child's age and sex were not disclosed.

Robitalle was placed in the Wake County jail under a $100,000 secured bond. Her first court appearance was set for Friday morning.

If she meets bond, Robitalle is ordered to not have any contact with children, court records state.

State Department of Correction records show that Robitalle was convicted of violating a protective order and larceny in 2007. She served 1½ months in jail when her probation for those offenses was revoked in 2009.


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  • mad_dash Nov 15, 2010

    The same should apply if they are receiving government aid to care for one child. They should not be "rewarded" for having kids by giving them more checks for more kids!!! - illegals--GO HOME

    That is 100% correct. These people do get rewarded with my tax money for having sex. ncouterbanks69.... That is EXACTLY right!!! Best comments ive seen!

  • pbrosseau Nov 11, 2010

    if there was any question as to who did what i know this girl and she is a nut case drugs alcohol abuse you name it and she abandoned her first child thank god for that, hope she gets life
    the stat should have never let her keep any child as they knew she was unstable
    and that's what i know

  • YoucanthandletheTRUTH Nov 11, 2010

    I could care less if she was beaten! If she is the one being charged with the crime, then she beat and neglected that child, not some boyfriend. I don't care if the same was happening to her from someone else or not. She did the deed. I hope she suffers immensely!

  • wildcat Nov 11, 2010

    DSS and Foster care has never done their jobs like they are supposed to do. That is why so many children suffer under them.

  • tjhiggs68 Nov 11, 2010

    Not sure where to start but I must say something is very wrong with this entire story. That female on the picture looks like she was abused, beat, whatever you want to label it. TMI is missing to make any kind of critical analysis. I do wish the child is not permanently damaged with fluid on the brain. There something deeper than what is printed going on with this one!

  • North Carolina Home Nov 11, 2010

    Time for different solutions to helping these kids. There is a growing percentage of children born to unwed mothers of all races. A large majority of neglected and abused children have an incarcerated parent.

    The educational systems has growing responsibilities to both raise and educate them and failing badly.

    DSS and foster care is failing to protect them for more reasons than space here allows to describe.

    When the cost of all of the above is included with the cost of Medicaid, food stamps, subsidized housing, after school programs, drop out programs, drug rehab, incarceration, non profit grants and many more it is evident that we cannot afford as a state or country to keep on throwing money at failed efforts.

    Different solutions need to be explored.

  • wildcat Nov 11, 2010

    May the child be placed in a good loving homes. Some foster parents are just there for the money. I know, because I know of a young lady who grew up in one and told her story on how she and many others where treated. If you think children will not remember the awful abuse, then you had better think again. May this mother received help.

  • Adelinthe Nov 11, 2010

    Leeca - "DHHS is one of the departments taking the most hits in the budget cuts. There are not enough workers or money to help these kids. As a foster parent for Wake County, it scares me to think how many kids are not being helped because of these cuts."

    I understand what you're saying. Children's budgets should never be cut, and that includes education budgets which were robbed when Perdue robbed the "Education (ahem) Lottery."


    I don't believe budgets for law enforcement, parole/probation departments, etc., should ever be cut either. That's what helps to keep us safe.

    I'd rather see the roads go than these things.

    God bless.


  • Adelinthe Nov 11, 2010

    Trailer park at the town side of Old Stage Road.

    Praying for the child, poor thing.

    With fluid on the brain, chances are it'll never be the same.

    God bless.


  • Iworkforaliving Nov 11, 2010

    People should have to be licensed to breed or reproduce.