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Wake County May Cut Raises for Teachers

Posted July 16, 2007
Updated July 17, 2007

— The Wake County school board will consider cutting planned pay raises for teachers and school employees at a budget meeting Tuesday.

Wake County commissioners budgeted  more money for the Wake County school system than last year, but the amount was $5 million less than the school board requested.

The school board said that it hoped raises would help it compete against the private sectors for workers. For example, the board wanted to attract mechanics after a poor transportation-safety report this spring.

The school board had planned a 0.25 percent raise for teachers and a 1.23 percent raise for bus drivers, cafeteria workers and other school employees. The state raise of 4 or 5 percent for this employees is still in effect.

The school board meets at noon Tuesday, and members are expected to vote on a final plan at by 2 p.m.


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  • anneonymousone Jul 18, 2007

    daMoFo, thanks for the explanation of the problems with merit pay. Years ago, I had an assistant principal give me a poor evaluation because he didn't see a list of class rules, even though it was near the door; I called my students' attention to it frequently. And HE is supposed to determine my pay based on what he thinks of my teaching?

    Honeyman, another way to earn the 12% raise is to move to another state or get a different job. I've heard from colleagues that the process of becoming board certified is grueling, although intellectually rewarding.

    When we divide the salary by actual time spent (planning, writing, teaching, tutoring, administrative duties, meetings, research, grading, discipline, support-and-nurturance duty for students and colleagues, classroom maintenance, organization of materials, fighting with antiquated machinery, communication with students, parents, and guardians, etc.) the money looks smaller all the time.

    And I love my job.

  • Honeyman Jul 17, 2007

    $46K NC average...not from the MOON phoenix. http://www.ncpublicschools.org/docs/fbs/resources/data/highlights/2007highlights.pdf
    I am not saying teachers should not get paid or get a raise...I am stating that teachers, on average do not get paid that badly. A teacher can increase their own salary by more than 22% if they choose to pursue a master's degree(10%) and NBPTS (12%) certification. Yes it cost's money, but the state will pay for part of the NBPTS certification and a Wake County teacher with 7 years experience and NBPTS certification, can expect to gain over $4K a year with a master's degree.

  • Honeyman Jul 17, 2007

    If you teach in Wake County and have a NBPTS certification, you are there in 7 years with only a bachelor's degree.

  • peace_of_mind Jul 17, 2007

    It's quite simple, teachers should be some of the highest paid people out there. The problem with that is then people would become teachers for the money and not the job. As it is right now someone has to really want to be a teacher to take the junk pay and harassment they put up with.

  • maverick Jul 17, 2007

    Any of you teachers care to speak about all of the grammer errors in this article? And for the record, teachers should average around 70K/Yr. No, I am NOT a teacher, and I also don't have to use proper grammer, I am NOT a news reporter / editor.

  • computer trainer Jul 17, 2007

    Honeyman, the average teacher salary in NC is $46K for 2006 may be true, but that is inflated because of teachers who have been in the classroom for 30 years and have advanced degrees. The starting salary for a teacher is $32,287.60. And that is for at least a 4 year degree, which they are probably still paying for. AND having to use a portion of their salary to purchase things for their classrooms.

  • computer trainer Jul 17, 2007

    mr_natural, what in the world do you mean by the word?? conflate. I cannot find that word in the dictionary, so I have no idea what you mean.

    What in the world do these athletes need these millions for? Drugs, steroids, booze, women?

    So you are saying that teachers are not worth as much as athletes?

  • daMoFo Jul 17, 2007

    With a bachelors degree, teachers reach $46,000 after 24 years. So in their 25th year, they would make $46,000.

    Years ago, North Carolina did have merit pay. The problem was that teachers with a jerk for a principal could easily be denied merit pay. Also, teachers that taught good students can get good test scores. I know many fine teachers that get saddled with sorry students and nothing the teachers does will get those kids to produce good results.

  • Nancy Jul 17, 2007

    "And everyone - check out what WCPSS is looking to do - it's not even really teachers...it's the maintenance employees and other support staff, many of whom work BELOW poverty line!"

    Support staff always gets cut first, this year they are adding teachers to the cut because (heaven's sake!) they can't cut administrative salaries or expenses, that might make sense!

    As it is Wake County can't keep enough bus drivers because of salary.

  • Nancy Jul 17, 2007

    "Have any of you spent ANY time in a classroom? One day in a elementary class would be all it took to get me to resign."

    For me, it would be middle school - one day they think they have all the answers to life and you can't tell them anything and the next they are clutching teddy bears, those crossover years are emotional rollercoasters :/